Agent Venom – Marvel

Agent Venom
Division: Marvel Character
Real Name: Eugene “Flash” Thompson
Also Known As: Hobgoblin, Venom
Tendency: Hero
Affiliation: Secret Avengers, U.S. Army
Super Power: (due to the Venom Symbiote) Fire the outer life Symbiote like a spider web or whip, Regeneration, Sixth sense(rather lower than Spider-Man), Not detected by Spider Sense, While Symbiote turns into his suit, it also makes two legs.
Ability: Combat skills
Weapons, Equipment: Various fireworks
First Appearance: (as Flash Thompson) Amazing Fantasy # 15 (August 1962);
(as Hop Goblin) Amazing Spider-Man # 275;
(as Venom) Amazing Spider-Man # 654 (February 2011)
Occupation: Soldier, Physical education teacher, Rescue crew
In Film: None
Category: Spiderman, The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy

About Agent Venom

-Bad student

Flash Thompson (Agent Venom) was already a football hero in high school, and his father was a respected police officer and alcoholic.

While hating his father and hiding his fears, football was perfect for his recognition. The opponent of the harassment that Flash took was Peter Parker.

Flash led a crew, dating a rich and beautiful Liz Allen.

Energetic Sally Avril, unfortunate Jason Ionello, and slow-witted “Tiny” Tiny McKeever were his followers.

Peter, who had been constantly harassed by Spider Man’s enthusiastic fan Flash, asked Flash to box a fight a few years later after he had changed to Spider Man. Flash had no idea that Spider Man, who he loved so much, was Peter. Peter quickly knocked Flash down. But even after then, Flash kept pestering Peter.

-Friendship with Peter Parker

When Flash found out that Peter was taking pictures of Spiderman and trying to be cool, a little friendship arose. And Peter knew it would be better to be a friend with Flash than to be an enemy. Flash’s life has changed a lot by Peter and graduated from high school.

He broke up with Liz, and Jason grew away. Tiny left school, and Sally died in a traffic accident. Flash became a football scholar at Empire State University, where he wanted to be, and became classmates with Peter. Flash quickly became friends with Harry Osborn and Gwen Stacy, and began to harass Peter again. But soon he was drafted into the army and was sent abroad for about 8 months.

Flash was accused of murdering his men during military service. Sha Shan helped him to escape, and he eventually got his honor back. This experience changed Flash.

When he came back, he has changed. After Gwen, Peter’s girlfriend, died, Flash was willing to live with Peter. Shortly afterward, Harry, temporarily ill-tempered, exploded Peter’s apartment. This has sparked a close friendship between the two.


Sha Shan and her husband, Achmed Korba, moved to New York, and after the death of Kobra, Flash and Shashan began dating. However, after Flash was being caught up in a plot called Hobgoblin and getting involved in an affair with Betty Reese, Sha Shan and Flash broke up.

Since then, Flash has appeared on public television and blamed villain Hobgoblin as being a loser. Real Hobgoblin, Roderick Kingsley, drugged Flash, placed the Hobgoblin suit next to him and called the police.

Vigilante Scourge, who thought Flash was real Hobgoblin, attacked him. However, Scourge killed another vigilante Wraith mistaking him as Flash.

Flash soon regained honor and came back to normal life.

-Unhappy Flash

When Betty’s husband Ned was brutally murdered by an enemy and Flash was falsely charged to be Hobgoblin, the relationship with Betty was over.

Since Peter’s wedding, Flash has been dating Felicia Hardy (Black Cat), who was jealous of the marriage of Mary Jane and Peter. Felicia initially dated Flash to give jealousy to Peter, but when he tried to break up, she was seriously hurt.

Flash became a rescue squad but was injured at the back after an unpleasant meeting with a crime boss, Tombstone. Since then, Flash has taken a more comfortable job as a high school gym teacher in New Jersey. But he became unhappy due to drinking like his father did.

After his drunk driving nearly hit a young child, Flash began to get sober.

Norman Osborn, the founder of Osborn Industries and the owner of the Daily Bugle newspaper, hired Flash. Flash gave loyalty to Osborn, who gave him a second chance in life.

By this time, he met a hero called Prodigy, and in fact he was Spider Man who was in disguise. Osborn attacked Spider Man’s friends and family, planning to make Spider Man as a threat to the public. He kidnapped Flash, forced to drink whiskey, and made him drive the truck to Midtown High School. Flash lived, but he fell in a coma with brain damage.

Liz Allen Osborn hired a dedicated nurse for Flash, and Peter, who has been blaming himself for the accident, visited the hospital from time to time. Flash eventually regained consciousness.

-The Identity of Spider Man

He became a physical education teacher at Midtown High School where Peter teaches science. However, he had forgotten a part of memories of the past and did not remember his friendship with Peter, and began to harass him again. He also dated villain Miss Arrow, who came to attack Petter, without knowing the identity.

All superhumans were supposed to be registered with the government as the Superman Registration Act was announced, and Peter, who backed it up, revealed his identity but Flash did not believe it. He did not believe even though Peter took off the mask of Spider Man in the live broadcast. But after seeing him fight the Villains, Flash came to believe that Peter was Spider Man. However later on, Spider Man erased memories of him from the people with the help of Mephisto, so Flash’s memory was also erased.

-Iraq War

As a U.S. military officer, Flash participated in the war in Iraq, saved his boss, and suffered gunshot wounds on both legs. Despite cutting both legs under his knees, he was glad that he was able to sacrifice for others, like his hero Spider Man does. He was honored with a medal and discharged from the army.

Peter was shocked when he saw his legs, but Flash told him that he always had the courage by think of Spider Man while in Iraq. Harry Osborn rented a condo for Flash.

When he was at the press conference, villain Chameleon, disguised as Peter, saw Flash and ridiculed him calling “paltry Flash.” However, Flash was able to accept his condition thanks to his family, friends, and Sha Shan who was in charge of his rehabilitation.

-Combining with Symbiote

Flash participated in a secret experiment for the U.S. military to gain legs.

It was an experiment to become a special Agent Venom in conjunction with Venom Symbiote, an alien parasitism that was removed from Mac Gargan, who was Venom. The experiment was successful, and now Flash became Agent Venom, and he made enemies such as Jack O Lantern, Crime Master, and Human Fly.

He could not combine with the symbiote for more than 48 hours to prevent from being completely overwhelmed and manipulated by the Symbiote.

On his second mission, he had been combined with the symbiote over 48 hours and became an avatar that brutally kills the enemy. In Savage Land in Antarctica, he was chased by Kraven The Hunter, who mistook him as Spider Man.

-People Who Turned Into Spiders

When 99% of New York City’s population was transformed into mentally controlled spiders, Agent Venom was tasked with catching Spider King who was fighting hero Firestar and Gravity.

At last he succeeded in capturing Spider King, but his identity was Captain America, who became the slave of Queen, the culprit of everything. Flash faked himself as Spider King to track its origins.

When it was confirmed that the healing powers of Anti Venom could heal those who had turned into spiders, Queen and Jackal sent Spider King (Flash) to kill him.

Flash’s supervisor instructed Agent Venom to bring Anti Venom to Mr. Fantastic to find out the cure. But because Venom Symbiote wanted to kill Anti Venom who had refused him, Flash and the symbiote fought each other. Flash won the battle and took Anti Venom to Mr. Fantastic.

Thanks to the symbiote from Anti Venom, those who had turned into spiders were able to return to normal.

-Secret Avengers

Later, when devil Blackheart moved hell to the middle of Las Vegas, Agent Venom fought along with the Red Hulk, X-23, Ghost Rider and Johnny Blaze.

Recognized by Captain America for this incident, he was invited to the Secret Avengers.

Hawkeye, who newly led the Secrets Avengers, rebuffed Captain’s decision, but changed his mind after he watched Flash play. Hank Pym made him prosthetic legs.

In the Avengers Flash was tasked with transferring Human Fly to prison Raft, but missed him due to Hobgoblin’s intervention to kill Human Fly.

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