Amanda Waller – DC

Division: DC Character
World: Prime Earth
Real Name: Amanda Waller
Tendency: Hero / Villain
Affiliation: A.R.G.U.S., Suicide Squad, Justice League of America, Team 7
Super Power: None
Ability: High intelligence, Leadership, Hiding skill, Tracing skill
Weapons, Equipment: Various firearms
First Appearance: Suicide Squad Vol 4 # 1 (November, 2011)
Occupation: Government Agent
Family: Celine Patterson (Skitter, daughter)
In Film: Suicide Squad (2016)
Category: Suicide Squad, DC Hero

About Amanda Waller

-Team 7

Amanda Waller and Steve Trevor, Alex Fairchild, Cole Cash, Dinah Lance, John Lynch and Slade Wilson were members of Team 7. The Team 7 was tasked with entering a flying prison, where a situation occured injuring 218 people, including prisoners and prison guards. CCTV surveys found that Dr. Alex Montez, a researcher from Arkham Asylum, gave prisoner John Akara an injection of liquefied black diamond. John Akara was a terrorist captured by the Team 7.

The black diamond transformed Akara into a parasite called Eclipso, and took Montez as hostage. Akara was able to deal with the Team 7 alone.

When Montez illuminated a powerful ultraviolet flashlight behind Akara, the Eclipso portion of the Akara fell off. Eclipso moved to another person and started to make a mess again. Akara fell unconscious, and the Team 7 realized that this flying jail was heading for Sentinel Island. Eventually, Montez turned into Eclipso and disappeared. Montez said that Sentinel Island is the prison of the mind of the dead and Eclipso is God’s revenge.

The Team 7 arrived at Sentinel Island and went down the mountain trail. They found a whole town and mercenaries slaughtered. A superhuman named Essence, identified himself to Slade, but he decided not to help. All men in the Gamorra area here died, and the last man was killed by Slade as soon as they arrived in the wilderness, the heart of hell, where the black diamond was kept.

Someone had to jump directly to get the black diamond, which was surrounded by lava and pointed stones. As soon as Slade jumped up and took out the diamond, Eclipso took over him. Essence gave the Team 7 an ancient sword that could save him from Eclipso. When Slade was stabbed by this sword, Eclipso came out of him and went into the stone, which is later moved to the Black Room of the intelligence agency A.R.G.U.S.

-Suicide Squad

Amanda Waller succeeded in several missions by organizing and fully controlling a team called Suicide Squad to do covert activities that could not be done publicly. She became the director of A.R.G.U.S. and created the new Justice League of America to cope with the Justice League.

And when the Crime syndicate from Earth-3 attacked, Waller was in the prison Belle Reve. As the riot broke out in the prison, she had to hide deep inside. Waller contacted the Suicide Squad and informed them of the location of armory in the Rocky Mountains. However, among the prisoners, Thinker disguised as Waller and made up another version of the Suiside Squad, joining Power Girl and Steel. The two squads struck each other. Fortunately, the two squads collaborated against Thinker and were able to defeat him.

In the end, the government dropped Waller from the position of director and put Vic Sage as the supervisor. Sage tried to convert the Squad’s activities open. As Waller continued to disagree, Sage sent Waller to the scene while working on a project to find a company to sponsor him. Waller used the Squad to pull Sage down. She sometimes squashed, sometimes threatened the Squad and used it appropriately, and succeeded in breaking Sage down.

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