Ares – Marvel

Ares Marvel
Division: Marvel Character
Real Name: Ares
Also Known As: Mars, Mister Talon, John Aaron, Warhawk
Tendency: Hero / Villain
Affiliations: Olympus, Mighty Avengers, Dark Avengers, Warhawks
Super Power: Strength, Endurance, Infinite Stamina, Anti-Aging, Immortality, Healing
Ability: Excellent combat skills, Good at all weapons.
Weapons, Equipment: Gauntlets of Ares: Gives its user 100x power, Axes, Spears, Firearms, etc.
First Appearance: Thor (vol. 1) # 129 (June 1966)
Occupation: God of War
Hometown: Olympus
Family: Zeus (father), Hera (mother), Neptune (uncle), Pluto (uncle), Alexander (Phobos, son), Kyknos (son), Hercules (half brother)
In Film: None
Category: The Avengers

About Ares

-God of War

Ares is the god of war in Olympus. He is pleased with all forms of war and battle, and does not care about the victims or sides.

As the Christianity increased and the worship of the Greek gods waned, Ares got worse with his father who allowed it. Over the years he led several rebellions against his father, but he was repeatedly interrupted by her half-brother Hercules. Ares hated him since Hercules killed the monster bird, Stymphalia, which was his pet.

The hatred grew as he watched Zeus’ favors toward Hercules.

When Hades’ army surrounded the Mount Olympus, Zeus called Ares.

He almost defeated Hades’ army alone. Nevertheless, Ares, who had hoped to join Olympus, was disappointed to hear his parents and other gods blame his rough and mean character. He abandoned his position as a god and chose to live as a carpenter on Earth.

-A Peaceful Life

He was in peace with his son Alexander, but this life was interrupted when Hermes came to Ares and asked for help. There was a fight between Japanese evil god Amatsu Mikaboshi and the gods of Olympus.

Benefited from the chaos caused by Asgard (the territory of the Nordic gods) falling to Earth, Mikaboshi had plans to take over the control of Olympus and widen his influence, eventually to subvert the gods elsewhere.

Mikaboshi surrounded the Olympus and almost reached the point of success.

However, Ares, whose grudge still remained in treatment from other gods, refused to help them.

Desperate for Ares’s rejection, Zeus abducted Alexander and took him to Olympus, and left him to Achilles. Hermes brought Ares of resentment and had him talk with Zeus, but Ares’ only concern was his son.

Hermes felt pity on Ares and took him to the base of Achilles, but only the destroyed fortress remained there. While Achilles was away, the army of Mikaboshi had destroyed the fortress and took Alexander to the east.

-War For The Son

Mikabishi began slowly distorting Alexander’s heart against Ares. It was to make Alexander a new god of war and to use him against the Greek gods, especially Ares. He joined Olympus, but his only goal was to rescue his son. As the years changed and the war continued, Mikaboshi continued brainwashing while teaching martial arts to young Alex.

Mikaboshi has convinced Alex to become a new god of war and fight for peace and order, not a cruel and confused war like his father.

Alex got the sword with great ability, Grasscutter. In the final battle, Ares faced his son, and Alexander stabbed his father with the sword.

However, thanks to the power of Zeus and the love of Ares for his son, Alexander got out of control of Mikaboshi. Alexander cut Mikaboshi with Grasscutter.

The gods of other regions, thanks to the connection of Hermes of the West and Inari of the East, joined forces to defeat Mikaboshi’s army.

After the war, Ares and Alexander spent time in Africa. Alexander decided to look around the world and learn his father’s legacy.

-The Mighty Avengers

Ares lived a life as a construction worker with his son, not being involved in the war from the Superhuman Registration Act, saying that it is merely a melee.

Shortly afterwards, Ms. Marvel and Iron Man joined Ares as a member of the new Mighty Avengers. It was because they wanted someone like “Thor and Wolverine became one”.

Ironman offered to pay a higher salary in exchange for exposing his identity to the world.

When the Hulk, who had been expelled out into space by Iron Man and Mr. Fantastic, was rioting for revenge, Ares and heroes set out to defeat the Hulk but were easily defeated.

When the Hulk gave up the war, Hercules was accused of helping the Hulk. Ares lured Hercules into the rebuilding site of the Stark Tower, but Hercules rather attacked him and escaped. Ares, Wonder Man and Black Widow chased Hercules and the boy, Amadeus Cho, who is helping him.

Wonder Man tried to negotiate with Hercules, but Ares knocked him down and attacked Hercules. But Hercules and Amadeus Cho escaped.

-The Dark Avengers

As Norman Osborn, the new security officer, formed the new Avengers, Ares gladly joined his Dark Avengers. He fought against War Machine, but found that they had the same goal, and conceded War Machine as a “Champion.”

Ond day Ares received an e-mail saying that Alexander was absent from school. Ares found him moving to Daisy Johnson’s scooter to go to a secret base after he took him to school in the morning.

In fact, when Skrull (the transforming alien) invaded, Alexander was recruited to Nick Fury’s team, the Secret Warriors. Ares broke through the wall as soon as he knew this and argued with Nick Fury.

He declared that he would raise Alexander in a different way from his relationship with his father. But Ares, who had respected Nick Fury since he infiltrated Osborn’s office on his own, let Alexander be with him.

When the Dark Avengers went to San Francisco to stop mutant supporters’ riot, X-Men’s Gambit challenged but Ares easily defeated him. X-Men’s Rogue absorbed too much of Ares’ power, but succeeded in making him weak.

Danger realized if Rogue continues to absorb the power, she would be in danger so she pushed Ares away. Rogue took half the power of Ares, and he remained bleeding.

He recovered and attacked the Utopia Island, the new headquarters of the X-Men, with the Dark Avengers.

Ares, who fought several X-Men, became to deal with Mirage, who had acquired the ability of Valkyrie. The two started a battle, but Mirage showed a slight advantage, so Ares and the Dark Avengers had to retreat.

-Death and Resurrection

Osborn persuaded opposing Ares in order to attack Asgard.

Ares particiated in the war, saying that if Osborn was wrong, he would cut off his head. The war began and while fighting Balder of Asgard, Ares became aware of Osborn’s lies from Heimdall. He attacked to kill Osborn, but at the moment Sentry attacked him. Sentry tore Ares in half.

As Amatsu Mikaboshi, who became Chaos King, attempted to conquer the entire planet, Pluto ordered to defend the underworld from his troops by letting Ares and some deads out. However, they were defeated and subjugated to Chaos King, and Ares also was ordered by Chaos King with his parents Zeus and Hera.

Despite the combined attacks of the God Squad, the union of the gods, Ares competed solely with Hercules while Zeus and Hera confront Galactus. Eventually, Chaos King was defeated and retreated to another dimension, and Ares returned to the afterlife with the other dead.

While the god of fear of Asgard attacked the planet, Kyknos, the son of Ares, formed the Warhawks to resurrect Ares through violence and chaos. Hercules, however, killed Kyknos and prevented the resurrection of Ares.

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