Big Barda – DC

Big Barda
Division: DC Character
World: New Earth
Real Name: Barda Free
Tendency: Hero
Affiliations: New Gods, Birds of Prey, Female Furies, Justice League International
Super Power: Force, Durability, Reflexes, Speed, Immortality
Abilities: Bare hand combat, Use various weapons
Weapons, Equipment: Mega-Rod (enter another dimension, launch a power blast, fly)
Motherbox (a living computer),
Floating disk, Apocalypse armor
Limit: Radiation ion
First Appearance: Mister Miracle Vol. 1 # 4 (October 1971)
Occupation: Adventurer, (soldier in the past)
Hometown: The planet Apokolips
Family: Scott Frey (Mr Miracle, husband), Izaya (Haifa the father)
In Film: None
Category: Justice League

About Big Barda

-The Female Furies

Big Barda was born in 1748 (Earth time) on the planet Apokolips as the New God, a god race of the universe.

She grew up in the orphanage of Granny Goodness, who had the motto of “Die for Darkseid.” The sadistic old Granny knew that obedience could be achieved by punishment.

It did not take long for Barda to become the leader of the female soldier group, Female Furies.

-Scott Free

When she met Scott Free, one of the elite soldiers of Darkseid (and the stepson) in her mission, she sensed peace from him and fell in love. Unable to forget him, she took the risk and extricated Scott from Apokolips. Subsequently, Barda followed him to Earth.

Scott became the expert of the escape trick called Mister Miracle, and his father, Highfather on the planet New Genesis allowed him to marry Barda.

For many years, Barda followed Mr. Miracle’s performance.

They eventually decided to quit their superhero activity and tried to live a normal life.

Barda, Scott, and Scott’s manager Oberon, moved to New Hampshire.

-the Justice League

Not long after they moved back to New York, Big Barda helped a new woman self-defense training program called New Female Furies.

In the meantime, Barda and Superman were kidnapped by Sleez, who was on Earth as Darkseid’s man. Sleez forced them to shoot adult movies by manipulating their minds, but they were rescued by Scott.

When Scott joined the Justice League International, Barda also took a part in several missions.

They soon left Earth to go to New Genesis.

Returning to Earth, the couple stayed in the Justice League shelter for a while, but at this time Scott did not understand Barda’s feelings so they took a break for a while.


Takion of New Genesis anticipated a huge threat to Earth in the future and made Big Barda and Orion (the stepson of Highfather and Darkseid’s son, active in the Justice League. They were helping the heroes of Earth against the omnipotent Mageddon. After defeating Mageddon, she and Orion withdrew from the Justice League.

Big Barda and Scott lived in the suburbs of Connecticut and continued to venture when necessary.

Barda also acted with Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, when saving Supergirl from Darkseid.

-Death and Resurrection

Oracle invited Big Barda to a women-oriented team called the Birds of Prey, and Barda has quickly become an important member.

During her mission in Russia, when she was against the Villain team Secret Six, she fought fiercely with Knockout who used to be her colleague in the Female Furries.

Some time later, Big Barda was found murdered by someone. This was done by Infinity-Man, on behalf of the root of all the energy in the Universe, Source, who wanted to erase New Gods’ world and create a new world. As a result, the Fifth World was born instead of the existing Fourth World, and all the New Gods including Barda were revived again.

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