Captain Atom – DC

Captain Atom
Division: DC character
World: New Earth
Real Name: Nathaniel Christopher Adam
Also Known As: Cameron Scott, Kryptonite Man, Monarch,
Tendency: Hero / Villain
Affiliations: Justice League International, Justice League Europe, League Busters, Extreme Justice, Super Buddies, US Air Force
Superpower: The body is wrapped with metal Dilustel to increase strength and durability. Anti-gravity ability, Atomic energy blast, Increases ability with will and generate objects, Atomic ability to change form, Communicate with computer network by telepathy, Time travel
Abilities: Fighter pilot, Combat skills
Weapons, Equipment: Gloves to create things (in the past), Monarch Armor
Limitations: If he absorbs too much energy, he will have a “Quantum Jump” and go to different time zones.
X-ionization technology can cut his Dilustel skin.
First appearance: Captain Atom vol. 3 # 1 (March 1987)
Occupation: Major Air Force
Family: Bette Sans Souci (Plastique, ex-wife)
In Film: None
Category: Justice League

About Captain Atom

-Extraterrestrial metal

In the 1960s, US Air Force officer Nathaniel Adam(Captain Atom) was charged with treason.

Despite his protest, he was sentenced to death under the leadership of Colonel Wade Eiling. However, the Air Force proposed him an amnesty in exchange for participating in a top secret research plan.

Adam wrapped his entire body with a cloth made of Dilustel metal made from a part of alien named Silver Shield found in a crash ship. And immediately put upon the explosive nuclear bomb. Scientists were hoping to reveal the nature and elasticity of the metal by this experiment.

The experiment is said to have ended with Adam’s extreme evaporation with the alien metal.

Nathaniel Adam’s whole body was surrounded by the alien metal and flew through the “Quantum Field” and appeared again in the future of twenty years later. He also gained an enormous atomic superpower derived from the metal itself.

Adam met again with Wade Eiling, who held the military convention. He was now a general, remarried with Adam’s wife, but she had already died.

Eiling suggested that if Adam were to give his powers to the US government, he would be willing to grant amnesty for Adam’s past misconduct. If he refuse, he would be executed.

The government created a sophisticated backdrop and history to inform the public of Captain Atom, and in the process all links to the army were omitted.

From this time on he began to live as a new identity, Cameron Scott.

-Justice League International

The US government secretly decided to infiltrate the Justice League International with military personnel. Captain Atom was chosen as the most ideal person for this operation, and he joined the league.

Captain Atom, who defeated the Dominators’ invasion on Earth, came to led the league’s European division.

At last, Captain Atom ended his business with General Eiling and ceased to work in government.

But he kept using the government’s manipulated background to prevent embarrassment.

He never said that his public past was a fake, and also lied to Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) that he had worked with the original Blue Beetle (Dan Garrett). However, after the end of his relationship with the Air Force, he revealed his real past to the league. Because of this, Blue Beetle’s respect for the Captain fell to the floor.

-Identity and Remarriage

Thanks to his contributions to lead the superhero corps of the Earth against the Dominators’ invasion, Captain was reinstated to the army and promoted to a Major.

Even though he did not try to be honored by his colleagues in Justice League Europe, many of the league still showed him a big deal. He seemed to have died from the bombing of Monarch. But he did not die and flew to the past.

The captain returned to the middle of the timeline when Overmaster arrived, and was asked to become a leader of the group League Busters which was against the Justice League International.

Later, he returned to the league, but he made his own branch called the Extreme Justice because of the conflict of opinions with Wonder Woman.

Captain Atom found out his real past that he was in fact the quantum duplication of Nathaniel Adam. The real Adam has been trapped in the air meanwhile and then reappeared as Monarch, the incarnation of revenge. Captain, who knew this, took the name Cameron Scott forever.

The Extreme Justice was disbanded and he remarried with super villain Plastique. Captain Atom and Plastique met as the enemy at first, but they became close discovering each other’s similar positions of self-sacrifice.


He remained as a preliminary member of the Justice League of America and was also active in a non-regular group, L.A.W.

Sometimes, he got requests from the US government.

He accepted the offer of the team of Maxwell Lord, the Super Buddies, and joined the team.

Immediately, the team was kidnapped by Roulette, and Captain Marvel, piloted by villain, beat Captain Atom almost to death. He was transferred to the S.T.A.R Institute and restored.

Captain Atom made a huge sacrifice for the country and the president (Lex Luthor).

Knowing that Superman could not stop the upcoming Kryptonite meteor, Captain ran to the debris on a spaceship to save Superman and Earth. His sacrifice saved the planet, and a great funeral was held for him.

-Wildstorm Universe

At the moment of death, Captain arrived at the Wildstorm universe, experiencing a variation of time.

He soon fought against Mr. Majestic and won. Seeing the dreadful reactions of the crowd, he was perplexed and changed his appearance. It was where the public feared superheroes.

Local superheroes misunderstood that Captain was the force that appeared to destroy their universe.

He was actually used as a frontrunner for Void (Nikola Hanssen) and was used to shut down and restart the Wildstorm Universe.


When Superboy-Prime broke another sel, Breach, in Earth 8, Captain Atom was able return.

A year later, Captain was used to manage radiation therapy for superhumans in Bludhaven. After suffering various damage to the radiation protected skin, he was unable to maintain a certain amount of radiation and fell into a coma.

He woke up after wearing the upgraded version of Monarch armor developed to maintain radiation. Seemingly unstable, he killed riotous Major Force.

At the moment, Captain Atom emitted enormous energy and disappeared.

-War Preparation

Kyle Rayner (Green Lantern) discovered Captain Atome at the Bleed, a space between dimensions.

Captain said he was traveling through the bleed to avoid the sight of the multiverse watcher, Monitor. He talked about the time spent in the Wildstorm Universe and wanted to visit another world.

He claimed to be Monarch wearing the Monarch armor, and the Monitors were the ones who should be defeated as mass killers. The Monitors, however, argued that Monarch was the super villain who wants to dominate the remaining planet through Multiverse War.

Monarch organized an army including the Extremists in Earth-8, the JL-Axis in Earth-10, the Crimes Society in Earth-3, and Forerunner in Earth-48. And kidnapped superhumans of the Multiverse into their arena and made them fight each other.

It was to gather only the strong ones to form a new multiverse force. He selected only one of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Blue Beetle, Night Shade, Starman, and Ray from each world. Monarch who was increasingly radical destroyed the US in Earth-13, the home of Eve of Shadows who was trying to escape.

-The War of Multiverse

He was paranoid, and Superman in Earth-30 and Batman in Earth-40 found the identity of the Monarch Armor to be Captain Atom. So they told Multiverse’s Captain Atoms, Breach and Quantum-Storm, to bring other Multiverse’s Captain Atoms. Monarch, however, said that Breach was already brainwashed by him, so he gathered multiverse Captain Atoms only to kill them and absorb their powers.

Thus, the army of Eve of Shadow from Earth-13, Batman of Earth-43, Ray of Earth-6, Blue Beetle of Earth-26, Green Lantern of Earth-12, Star Woman of Earth-7, Johnny Quick of Earth-2 , Wonder Woman of Earth-34, Superman of Earth-30 was formed.

Monarch believed that he was ready to war with the Monitors, and he declared the war in Earth-51. However, in the battle with Superman Prime (Superboy Prime), a chain reaction occurred when the suit was damaged, causing the entire Earth-51 destroyed. It was not until later that Monitor’s Solomon attacked Captain Atom in Blood Haven, rupturing the skin and made him turn into Monarch.

-Project 7734

As journalist Jimmy Olson investigated Project 7734, a secret military operation that fought against the alien threats under the command of General Sam Lane, he discovered that Captain Atom in amnesia was the property of Sam Lane. The Project Breach was revealed to have caught Captain Atom and brainwashed to turn him into a weapon.

Captain was attacking a fortress-like castle in Sorcerers’ World, a mysterious, medieval fantasy world of magic. Having succeeded in entering the castle, he recalled memories of the Justice League for a moment, lost his sense of direction and crashed into the ground.

This magic world was in fact associated with Project 7734.

Later, Captain was attacked by Major Force who he already had killed. Mon-El from the Planet Daxam appeared in Sorcerers’ World and rescued Captain Atom to take him to the Justice League’s satellite headquarters.

-Sorcerers’ World

Members of the Justice League declared that they would punish Captain Atom for the actions he has done as Monarch.

Captain Atom, who was arguing with them, said he only has a partial memories. The league explained him that he was once a true hero who saved the planet, but Captain felt himself to be a different being.

Captain Atom said that he has to go back to the Sorcerers’ World and turn back what he has done. He was able to go to the Sorcerers’ World with the help of the occult hero team, Shadowpact.

He defeated the witch Mirabai, who, together with the resistance led by Aggaro, controlled him. Aggaro’s identity was in fact the wicked wizard Mordru.

Mordru, unlike in Earth, promised to live for the people here and sent Captain back to Earth. After returning, Captain Atom saw that Mon-El had made him the top hero in the US.

-Max Lord

Captain Atom and Booster Gold, Fire and Ice from Justice League International gathered to catch Max Lord who killed Blue Beetle (Ted Kord).

All those who met Max at the old New York headquarters of the league fell unconscious and fell. Before they woke up, Max used his mental manipulation abilities to erase memories of his being from all human beings on Earth. The US military was also brainwashed to regard Captain Atom as a traitor.

Captain absorbed the radioactivity of Max’s nuclear bombs and was thrown into the 24th century.

The Earth at that time was in chaos due to the war between superhumans and the technology went backward. Captain Atom met an old, bizarre old woman, who was in fact old Power Girl.

Power Girl told Captain that Max was the start of all this happening. Captain Atom, who came back to the modern world, told the team about this and tried to find Max all together.

Captain confronted Magog, who came to kill him. However, Magog was under the control of Max, and Captain was able to persuade him while fighting him. Remembering the being of Max, Magog stopped the attack, but Max drove Magog to commit suicide.

This scene was broadcasted live on TV, and Max once again made viewers believe that Captain Atom murdered Magog. When energy in Magog’s spear explodes, Captain absorbed as much energy as possible and bounced back to another time zone, and the remaining energy killed many lives in Chicago.

-Time Travel

After going to 112 years after into the future, Captain Atom joined the superhuman war against OMAC, a biological weapon.

He was with the future Justice League survivors, but the heroes who were infected with the nanovirus were turned into OMAC one at a time.

As Power Girl dies, she told that Max murdering Wonder Woman was the beginning of all this.

Captain returned to present time, but Batman, who remembered Max, had already stepped out to finish the OMAC project.

In the final battle, OMAC Prime absorbed Captain Atom’s energy.

Captain, who was forced back into the flow of time due to his reabsorption of energy, threatened Max that he would drag him along unless he cancels his mental manipulation on the whole planet.

As the Earths finally recalled all of the memories about Max, and Captain has disappeared elsewhere, Max expelled Captain Atom’s innocence on the Internet and spoke out that more damage would have been done if Captain had not intervened.

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