Carnage – Marvel

Carnage Marvel
Division: Marvel Character
Real Name: Cletus Kasady
Also Known As: Mass Carnage, Carnage-Man, Red Slayer
Tendency: Villain
Affiliation: The Carnage Family, Astonishing Avengers
Super Power: Not detected by spider sense, Ability to cling to walls, Sprawling a part of the body like a spider web, Camouflage, Morphing.
Limits: Weak to sound attack and heat attack, Psychosis
First appearance: (as Cletus Kasady) Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) # 344 (1991);
(as Carnage) Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) # 360 (1992)
Occupation: Murderer, Criminal, Vigilante
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
In Film: None
Category: Spider Man

About Carnage


When Cletus Kasady was a child, he grew up pushing his grandmother out of the stairs and torturing his mother’s dog. When his father killed her mother, he did not attempt to defend her father.

The orphaned Kasady had to enter the orphanage and was subjected to abuse by other orphans and staffs because of his antisocial nature. Kasady killed a strict chief and pushed the girl, Manny Calderon, who refused to date him. He lit up the orphanage in front of the bus and killed everyone to take revenge.

He did not know, but Manny survived and joined the army later.

-The Boy of Venom

Eddie Brock was involved in the evil deeds combined with the alien parasite Venom Symbiote and imprisoned, and his Symbiote was deemed to have died of cancer, called Styx. But Symbiote rescued Eddie who was in jail, after healing itself.

Brock did not know, but Symbiote was pregnant. When Brock, who became Venom again, escaped, Symbiote left his “child” in the riot prison.

This Symbiote’s “child” was born as a new creature called Carnage in conjunction with Kasady.

Easily escaped, Carnage went to New York and mercilessly killed the people in his sight. Spider Man came out, but it was not easy to bit three times stronger Carnage, so he had to call for the Fantastic Four and get help. Carnage also called Venom and asked for support.

But unexpectedly, Venom despised Carnage and decided to help the heroes.

Spider Man and Venom attacked with high frequency sound waves, and Symbiote hid in the veins of Kasady. Kasady was again imprisoned.

-The Carnage Family

However, again Carnage escaped and joined forces with Shriek and Spider Man Doppelganger from outer space. Together they formed something like family and made the city a mess.

With them Carnage fought against Spider Man, Cloak, and Dagger, and completely defeated Venom.

As more heroes flocked, they ran away and destroyed the museum and even the New York police. In addition, Demogoblin and Carrion joined their “Family”.

In the abandoned orphanage where he grew up, Carnage confronted Spider Man, Black Cat, Venom, Morbius, Firestar and Cloak again. All the heroes except Venom were defeated.

In a fight with several heroes in New York, Carnage killed Doppelganger who defended Shriek against him.

The heroes, who were gathered again by Mr. Fantastic, were able to arrest Carnage. He was again imprisoned at Ravencroft Institute.


As the Symbiotes invaded the planet, Kasady realized that he had to eat other Symbiote to increase his mass. But his tremendous desire for blood led him to return to Ravencroft in search of cure for his murderous impulses.

After battle with Venom, Carnage spawned another Symbiote. Though the being threatened to kill him, he wanted to raise it as a new partner.

Carnage was weakened by childbirth. Venom combined this “newborn” with New York police Patrick Mulligan and named him Toxin.

But when Toxin grew into a vigilante, like Spider Man, Venom had a temporary alliance with Carnage and tried to kill his “grandson”.

However, they were defeated by a joint operation of Spider Man, Black Cat, and Toxin.

-Return From Space

When Electro broke out from prison Raft, trapped Carnage also broke out. Sentry, the strongest man on Earth, who was also in prison at the time, tore Carnage in half and threw him into the Earth’s orbit.

Ironman’s computer analyzed that Kasady did not seem to be in Symbiote at the time.

But Kasady was inside Symbiote, and Symbiote did not die by making itself and Kasady dormant.

Carnage, who travled along the Earth’s orbit, collided with the satellite and was found by Michael Hall, the owner of the satellite and a rival to Tony Stark. Hall detached Kasady from Symbiote, and made artificial limbs and skeleton suits that responds to the Symbiote.

Dr. Tanis Nieves, after being attacked by Doppelganger who later returned to life, was fitted with one of these artificial arms.

However, when Tanis approached the Symbiote, the artificial arm moved by itself, killing some scientists and becoming a new Carnage in union with her. Symbiote used Tanis to escape the facility and abandon her to join Kasady in detention.

Kasady’s body was restored from Hall’s company to an artificial body.

-Nation of The Symbiote

Carnage fought against Iron Man and Spider Man.

Tanis became a new Symbiote, Scorn, due to Symbiote’s child which was remained in the artificial arm. Carnage ran away with Doppelganger.

Carnage conquered the state of Colorado and declared it a sovereign symbiote nation. The Avengers and Thing went to rescue the village, but it was owned by Symbiote clones and Spider Man was left alone during the fight. Spider Man escaped with the help of uninfected resistances.

The government’s team Mercury and Scorn started an operation to get Carnage. Spider Man and Resistance joined forces with Agent Venom. However, when Scorn used a sonic weapon, both Venus and Flash Thompson, as well as Carnage and Kasady, were separated.

The Carnage Symbiote and the Venom symbiote, who came out from the hosts, began fighting each other, owning the animals. With the Avengers, the Venom Symbiote and Flash Thompson were reunited, and the Symbiote was captured by Scorn. Kasady was arrested with his robotic arms broken.

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