Cyborg – DC

Cyborg DC
Division: DC Character
World: Prime Earth
Real Name: Victor “Vic” Stone
Also Known As: Cyborg 2.0
Tendency: Hero
Affiliation: Justice League
Super Power: Most of the body is replaced by a machine and possesses strength, durability, reflexes, radar sense, enhanced sense, flying ability and vibration waves.
It is equipped with energy blast, finger laser, telescope, sound wave disturber, electric shocker, hook, winch and etc.
It also can be connected to computers for data check
Boom Tube (can teleport himself or others)
First Appearance: Justice League # 1 (November, 2011)
Occupation: Superheroes, Amateur football players, Students
Family: Silas Stone (father)
In Film: Batman vs. Superman: The Beginning of Justice (2016)
Category: Justice League

About Cyborg

-Birth of Cyborg

Victor Stone (Cyborg) was a star player of the high school football team. He was interested in activities of superhumans but he was more focused on going to college as a football scholar. He wanted his father, who was a scientist, to see his game, but as the days when the busy father could not see the game continued, they grew apart.

One day, Victor visited the S.T.A.R Labs to see his father, but his father, Silas Stone, explained that he was busy with the superhumans appearing all over the globe. When discouraged Victor was about to leave, the Mother Box, which came from the other world and was being studied, was suddenly activated and the Boom Tube was opened. Some scientists were killed or seriously wounded by the energy that opened and poured out of the portal, and Victor was also fatal.

Silas, who did not want to lose his son like his wife, did biomechanical experiments designed with extraterrestrial technologies found all over the world.

Silas saved Victor with the help of Dr. Morrow and Dr. Sarah Charles, and the energy from the Mother Box was combined with Victor’s new body. Victor who now became Cyborg was able to discover Darkseid’s plan to invade Earth, having the ability to access to the data repository of the New Gods, the race of gods of another dimension.

He helped with the many heroes that appeared to return Darkseid, and founded the Justice League with them. Cyborg did not reconcile with his father, who worried more about his mechanics than his humanity.


After the villain David Graves began attacking the Justice League, the Justice League went to the valley of the soul. Victor found that a part of his soul had left his body.

The human part of himself had tried to persuade him that Victor Stone was already dead and that Cyborg was just a counterfeit, but Victor realized that it was a fake and defeated Graves with the Justice League.

Learning to become a true hero in this incident, he began to understand and forgave his father’s heart that truly wanted to save him.


When Atlantis attacked, Cyborg upgraded to armor for underwater activities and began recruiting the league members from all around the world.

After the adventure surrounding the boxes of Pandora, where the Justice League, the Justice League of America, and the Justice League Dark all tied together, Cyborg’s artificial body began to break out and became the hidden software virus, Grid.

The virus was planted by Atomica, who is aiding the Crime Syndicate from Earth-3.

Atomica was a member of the Justice League of America but actually was a spy to infiltrate in disguise to the Justice League, and she said that it was her who had planted Kryptonite in Superman’s nervous system. In fact, she was a member of the Crimes Syndicate who first came to this world.

Cyborg was able to sustain life thanks to Batman and Green Lantern, Simon Baz. Batman and Catwoman escaped from the Crime Syndicate and took Cyborg to the S.T.A.R. Lab.

Silas was sick of making his son back to a cyborg, but Cyborg urged him to do it for the world, emphasizing that it is his own choice this time. Cyborg was upgraded to a slimmer armor.

-Cyborg vs. Grid

Cyborg, who visited Dr. Will Magnus, fought the Crime syndicate with Magnus’s failure android team, the Metal Men.

While the Metal Men was fighting against the members of the Secret Society, a group of superheroes who were following the Crimes Syndicate, Cyborg entered into the digital world and fought Grid.

At first, Grid dominated Cyborg by exploiting the human side of him, but Cyborg embraced his technical side, saying that he is the bridge between human and technology. He ended Grid and helped Batman release the Justice League team trapped in Firestorm’s matrix.

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