Deadshot – DC

Deadshot DC
Division: DC Character
World: Prime Earth
Real Name: Floyd Lawton Jr.
Tendency: Villain
Affiliation: Suicide Squad
Super Power: None
Ability: Shooter, Bare hand combat skill, Leadership, Strategic analytical skills
Weapons, Equipment: Deadshot armor, Wrist gun, Other firearms, Snipe zoom lens
First Appearance: Suicide Squad Vol 4 # 1 (November, 2011)
Occupation: Assassin
In Film: Suicide Squad (2016)
Category: Suicide Squad, DC Villain

About Deadshot

-Suicide Squad

Deadshot, who was hired to assassinate a member of city council in Gotham city, ruined the job because of Batman. He was sentenced to death for contract murders he has done so far and imprisoned at the Belle Reve prison, but was appointed to the Suicide Squad by a government agent Amanda Waller.

Deadshot became the field commander on the team’s first mission. It was the task to remove the citizens who were infected with zombie infectious diseases and to obtain medicines. The squad found out that the host of the plague was a pregnant woman and killed her. Deadshot had to take out the fetus that had immunity, to study for the treat.

Deadshot, who ordered Voltaic to kill all the people in the stadium, shot him on the head after he had done his job, to put blames on him. But before the squad escaped, the police arrived and they had to hide with the baby. However, the situation became even more complicated because Deadshot was infected and Mad Dog, who was after the bounty on baby’s head, appeared.


However, Deadshot accomplish many missions and proved that he can do whatever he can to achieve the goals. When the squad was caught by the Basilisk, a terrorist organization, he shot himself in the chest to kill their leader Regulus.

But after he died, he woke up at a hospital room, and Amanda Waller did not intend to explain it specifically. After he died again on his next mission, Deadshot knew that he, Harley Quinn, and Voltaire had been revived with special treatment, but had to return to the mission before revealing the facts.

-Fake Suicide Squad

When The Crime Syndicate from Earth-3 has conquered the world, Deadshot refused to join their legionary, the Secret Society.

Instead, he took Waller’s missioun to collect OMAC, an artificial intelligence superhuman, with other members. They fought against another Suicide Squad that was created under the direction of fake Waller. Eventually they went back to Belle Reve, where they were attacked by fake Waller, Thinker, who was controlling OMAC body. Deadshot and Harley Quinn have gained a superhuman power to fight against OMAC, by finding the “Magic Bullet”. When the Thinker was defeated, Waller informed them that she had put the magic bullets to them, along with the nano bombs.

-New Suicide Squad

In the newly-changed squad, Dead Shot had to give Black Manta the leader position. He was shot on the shoulder by Black Manta, so he had difficulty in carrying out his mission because the shooting was not done properly.

Waller secretly took Deadshot, Harley Quinn and Captain Boomerang to cope with the escalating influence of the co-director Vic Sage. Waller said she had secretly released the microbombs planted inside them to prevent Vic Sage from killing them, but warned that other bombs associated with her heartbeat have been implanted instead. And Waller promised them that she would give them a pardon if they helped her. Eventually, they returned to Belle Reve with Waller and fought against Vic Sage and Black Manta. Deadshot who fell on the floor with the wound was able to save Waller by shooting Black Manta in that position. However, even after they overwhelmed Black Manta and suppressed the prison riot that Vic Sage had set up, Waller did not keep her promise.

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