Drax the Destroyer – Marvel

Division: Marvel Character
Real Name: Arthur Sampson Douglas
Also Known As: Drax the Warrior, Drax the Galactic Guardian, Destroyer
Tendency: Hero
Affiliations: Guardians of the Galaxy, Infinity Watch, Legion of the Unliving, Secret Defenders, United Front
Super Power: Flying, High resilience, Energy blast, Survival in space, The ability to detect the contact with Thanos recently or in near future, (in the past) The ability to perceive the existence of Thanos, The power to tear and destroy the planet
Ability: Combat skills
Weapons, Equipment: Daggers,
(In the past) Power Gem
First Appearance: Iron Man # 55 (February 1973)
Occupation: Bounty hunter, Real estate agent
Hometown: Burbank, California
Family: Heather Douglas (Moon Dragon, daughter)
In Film: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)
Category: Guardians of the Galaxy

About Drax the Destroyer

-The Birth of Drax

Arthur Douglas (Drax the Destroyer), a real estate agent and musician, crossed the Mojave Desert to travel from Las Vegas to Los Angeles with his wife, Yvette, and daughter Heather.

At that time, Thanos of the planet Titan passed over the sky to overwatch the Earth, and Thanos, who wanted to hide his presence, destroyed Douglas family’s car.

Thanos left after landing and confirming their death.

However, Thanos’ father Mentor, who was monitoring activities of his son, took Heather alive to Titan. The baby later came back as Moondragon.

Mentor decided that he could not leave Thanos and decided to create a powerful being to face him.

With the help of his father Chronos, he put Arthur’s soul and supernatural powers in earthly bodies before Arthur’s soul completely left the physical world. This is how Drax the Destroyer was created.

-Thanos Tracker

Mentor blocked all the memories of Arthur and injected only hatred and obsession toward Thanos.

Drax the Destroyer found Thanos with Iron Man, dealt with Thanos and the Blood Brothers.

Since then Drax interfered with Thanos’ plans over the years, but could not kill him, and Thanos hired an alien mercenary army to stop Drax.

When Thanos tried to take up Cosmic Cube, which he could control the reality as he wants, Drax fought against Thanos with Captain Marvel, Star Fox, Moondragon, and the Avengers.

When Thanos died Drax suddenly lost his reason for existence, so he fought Captain Marvel, who defeated Thanos. After that Drax wandered the universe, and found Thanos who revived.

In battle with Captain Marvel, the Avengers, and Adam Warlock, Thanoth was once again dead.

-Travel with Moondragon

Drax fought against the Artificial Intelligence Computer ISAAC, Stellarax, Lord Gaea, Elysius, and Chaos, along with Captain Marvel.

Shortly afterwards, Drax fought with Thor and Moondragon under the control of a universal being. When Drax returned to his senses, Moondragon invited him to join her journey to find knowledge.

The two left on Moondragon’s spacecraft, Sensia.

They arrived on the planet Ba-Banis during civil war, and Moondragons used her mental abilities to suppress the conflict and set herself as the goddess of the world.

Considering her ambition shameful, Drax sent Sensia to Earth.

The Avengers came to Moondragon’s world with the message of Drax in the ship.

In order to stop Drax, Moondragon controlled Drax’s life force to leave his artificial body.

Later, the Avengers returned to Earth after subduing Moondragon, and drove Drax’s body in Sensia and devastated it in space.

-The Infinity watch

A few years later, when Thanos resurrected, Chronos rejuvenated Drax with greater power. However, Chronos did not consider the effect of death on Drax, and in Drax’s heart remained the wound he got from Moondragon.

Many heroes have fought with Thanos and Nebula to take on the Infinity Gauntlet to gain the same power as God. In the end, Drax defeated Thanos and destroyed the Infinity Gauntlet.

Adam Warlock has formed the Infinity Watch to guard and monitor the Infinity Gems, gems with six extraordinary powers, and let Drax the Destroyer protect the Power Gem.

During this period, he regained his memory and tried to kill Moondragon.

Drax did not show any intimidation to his friends, he was always gentle, occasionally played a saxophone. Some time later the Infinity Watch was disintegrated by internal affairs and Everyone went their own ways.

-State change

Later, Drax went back to Titan with Moondragon and pleaded with Chronos to return his heart. This was accepted, and Drax returned to his original state but with some power lose.

At that time, Drax was accused on the murders of Elysius and some others.

Warlock, Gamora, Pip The Troll, and Genis-Vell discovered that a creature called Syphon had manipulated Drax and dismissed the charges on him.

After this incident, Drax’s condition began to change. His size and power increased to the previous level and the mind became blurred.

During fight with Moondragon and Genis-Vell, he moved with Genis-Vell to the Microverse, another world in different dimension. For a while he found happiness on the planet K’ai.

-To Earth

Later, Drax crashed into Earth while being transported to a galactic prison with Paibok, Lunatik, and the Blood Brothers. To save innocent lives, Drax attacked others. His intelligence returned from time to time while fighting the prisoners.

While living with low intelligence on Earth, he wandered Alaska and confused a young girl named Cammi as his daughter.

When Drax met Paibok again Paibok killed him mercilessly, and Drax changed again with new body, higher intelligence, and new abilities. This new Drax killed Lunatik and one of the Blood Brothers. Drax returned to the ship heading to the prison, and Cammi followed him.

-The War of Annihilus

When Annihilus, who is trying to destroy the universe, attacked the galaxy prison Kyln, Drax and Cammi joined forces with Nova, the last member of the Nova Legion.

Together they fought against the army of Annihilus. Drax taught Nova how to concentrate.

While fierce battles followed and Nova and Cammi withdrew, Drax remained to fight the invaders.

Drax entered the space ship of the Annihilus army to find Thanos, and found him while he was trying to free Galactus from the mother ship of Annihilus.

At this time Thanos was on the same side so Moondragon tried to stop Drax, but he broke Thanos’ defense and pierced his chest with the fist. At the moment, Drax discovered that using Silver Surfer could fool the security system Galactus was locked in. Released Galactus teleported Drax and Moondragon to a distant planet to attack Annihilus. but something went wrong and Moondragon said that Drax was gone.

When the mechanic race Phalanx invaded the Kree Empire, Drax was brainwashed by the Phalanx virus along with Gamora, and began to chase Nova.

They were later released from the brainwashing thanks to Nova and Tyro.

Returning to Hala, the capital of the Kree empire, they helped defeat Ultron who controlled the Phalanx, and Star-Lord let Drax join into his Guardians of the Galaxy.

-The Cancerverse

The Guardians went to a place called Cancerverse, a dimension where death had disappeared, as the companion of resurrected Thanos.

The madness battle took place, and Drax attacked Thanos during the battle but he was the one who died.

In order to get rid of the ruler of the Cancerverse Lord Mar-Vell and his Revengers, Star-Lord, Nova, and Thanos left, and the rest of the members escaped.

As the Cancerverse collapsed, they were considered dead. However, this world was the place where they can not die even if they wanted to, because death was gone and only vitality was left. So Drax reappeared, and Thanos also revived multiple times.

Even Lord Mar-Vell and the Revengers were resurrected and attacked them. Star Lord, Nova, Drax, and Thanos fought against them with difficulty, ultil Nova picked up the cosmic cube and opened a door to the Earth-616. However, Nova could not come along because he had to act as a gate between the two universes.

Only Star Lord, Drax, and Thanos escaped the Cancerverse.

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