Gambit – Marvel

Gambit Marvel
Division: Marvel Character
Real Name: Remy Etienne LeBeau
Also Known As: Le Diable Blanc, Robert Lord, Dirge, Death, Gumbo, Cajun, Swamp Rat,
Tendency: Hero / Villain
Affiliations: X-Men, X.S.E., X-Treme X-Men, Thieves Guild, Marauders, Horsemen of Apocalypse
Super Power: He can inject explosive energy into an object and throw it with psychokinesis.
Creates an energy zone that attacks nearby objects without touching.
Ability: Street fighting skills, Acrobatic-based hand-to-hand combat
Weapons, Equipment: Rod, Playing card
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men # 266 (August 1990)
Occupation: Adventurer, Thief
Hometown: New Orleans
Family: Bella Donna Boudreaux (former wife)
In Film: X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)
Category: X-Men

About Gambit


Gambit, who strolled down streets as a homeless boy, became the stepson of Jean-Luc LeBeau, the chief of the Thieves Guild which is the one of criminal organizations in New Orleans. As a part of peace treaty between the Thieves Guild and their rival the Assassins Guild, he married Bella Donna, the granddaughter of the head of the Assassins Guild. However, Bela Donna’s brother Julien asked Gambit for a dual against the marriage.

At the end of the duel, Gambit, who made Julien severely wounded, had to flee to prevent the war between the two guilds. Bela Donna became the enemy of Gambit.

He traveled around the world and stole things. His mutant ability to inject energy into an object was quite helpful doing his job. Psychokinetic card was his trademark.

-The X-Men

Gambit joined the team of assassins called Marauders, which was formed by the genetic engineer named Mr. Sinister. However, he did not respond to the order of Mr. Sinister to slaughter a mutant community in sewers called Morlocks.

After that, Gambit encountered Storm of the X-Men who was in amnesia. And he stopped the theft.

He helped her escape from Shadow King and became a partner.

Later, when Professor Xavier, the founder of the X-Men, returned from space, Storm, who regained her memory, defended Gambit. He later entered the X-Men and fell in love with his fellow Rogue. However, due to the ability of Rogue that can not contact the skin, the two could not touch each other.

-X-Men’s Traitor

Bishop, who was born in the future 70 years later, had known a person named Witness. Witness taught him that the one of the X-Men members betrayed the mutant tribe and thus the world became where all mutants are repressed. Bishop, who came to the present and joined the X-Men, suspected that Gambit was the traitor. However, Onslaught, a mental energy being created by the spirit of Professor Xavier and Magneto, was the true traitor.

-Connection with Marie Purcell

Meanwhile, Rogue kissed Gambit and absorbed memories of his past, the activities in Marauders. She was shocked to know that Gambit was related to the Morlock massacre, and left him alone in the Antarctic.

Gambit went to Magneto’s Antarctic base and encountered a gaseous mutant girl, Marie Purcell. The two became mentally connected.

Gambit was able to make a deal with New Son, the current leader of the Thieves Guild, and returned to the United States. He began erranding for New Son, like stealing the jewelry which Juggernaut had gained power with.

During this mission, he met the X-Men, and decided to go back to the team by reconciling with Rogue.

But Marie was controlling him. Marie, who had influence on Gambit’s ability, tried to fuse with him to go to her hometown.

The X-Men unleashed Gambit from Marie’s control, and Rogue in high-tech attire destroyed Marie’s essence.

-New Son

Gambit became intimately involved with mutant Courier while helping New Son.

Together they went to Mr. Sinister’s nineteenth century. There, Gambit met Candra, who was involved in both the Thieves Guilds and the Assassins Guilds, and prevented her from finding out the secrets of the ancient mutants Apocalypse.

To return to the present, Gambit led Mr. Synister’s potential mutant abilities to come out.

Gambit pretended to lead the Thieves Guild after his father died. However, this gave New Son a sense of hostility. He sent many assassins to kill Bella Donna and Gambit.

The two fought, and later decided to unite the two guilds.

Gambits faced New Son, and realized that he was in fact himself from another dimension. In the ongoing battle, New Son was trapped. Eventually New Son escaped calling himself New Sun and took Gambit into his reality. Gambit used all his powers and defeated New Son.

-Passion of Gambit

Gambit was involved in finding the diary of the mutant prophet, Destiny.

When Storm gained the gem that gives its owner a great deal of power, the alien Shaitan picked a fight to take the gem. Gambit was kidnapped by Shaitan, but rescued by the X-men and joined the team once again.

Later, Gambit was faulse charged on killing Viceroy, a leader of criminal organization in Australia, by the evil entrepreneur Sebastian Shaw. Luckily, Rogue and the old member of the Triad, Red Lotus, cleared the false accusation.

Alien Khan tried to use Gambit’s ability to open portals calling aliens.

Gambit, who had been trapped in a collapsing temple, was dying but rescued by the healing power of Rogue. However, this caused Rogue and Gambit’s ability to disappear.

Immediately after their return, Sage, with the ability to awaken the other’s abilities, re-ignited Gambit’s ability with the help of Rogue. In the process, a card burst in front of his face and blinded him. He was able to restore sight by using Sage’s ability again, a few months later.


Gambit became a teacher and took the charge of a class in the Xavier’s school.

Mystique was reluctant to her stepdaugher Rogue choosing him as her lover, so she transformed into a student named Foxx, and infiltrated the Xabier’s school to be in the class of Gambit.

She tempted him, but he resisted her charm. Mystique, who returned to her original form, made a suggestion that he could not refuse. She turned into Rogue and suggested a physical relationship to Gambit. It is uncertain whether they had the relationship or not.

Rogue finally found he stepmother at the school. This was an opportunity to make Mystique help the X-Men with her confederate Pulse.

-Death Knight

After Scarlet Witch had eliminated most of the mutants’ abilities, Gambit was looking for Apocalypse to find out if he could revive the Mutant race.

Apocalypse chose Gambit as his Horseman. Because Gambit wanted to have consciousness in the process of being converted, Apocalypse could not touch his spirit. However, Gambit forgot his original intention to watch Apocalypses from the inside, and truly became a servant of Apocalypse. But as he still remembered the love for Rogue, he claimed to be both the Horseman and Gambit.

Sunfire, who was formerly a Horseman of Apocalypse, but overcame it, stunned Gambit.

Waking up from a Japanese temple, Sunfire encouraged him to forget all the past, including Apocalypse, as well as the X-Men. The two attacked the X-Mansion and regained Polaris, a fellow Horseman. Gambit tried to kill Rogue. However, their attack failed and had to return to the Japanese temple. Mr. Sinister was waiting for them there and offered to help them overcome the control of Apocalypse.

-The Marauders

Mr. Sinister’s treatment was successful and Gambit returned to his original condition. Gambit, who became a part of the Marauders along with Sunfire, tracked Cable, who was the X-Men. They went to the island Providence, the home of Cable, and attacked him. Cable was forced to retreat to the computer system of the island in a serious injury. Gambit and Sunfire wanted information from the computer, but Cable operated a self-destruct system and the two had to escape.

Whe a mutant baby was born after a long time in Alaska, the Marauders and the anti-mutant group Purifiers fought each other to possess him. However, the Marauders evacuated because the mutant feeder Predator X and Cable appeared.

As Bishop betrayed the X-Men and tried to kill the mutant baby, Gambit and the Marauders saved the baby.

Actually Gambit and Mystique were trying to use the baby to heal Rogue in a coma, so they betrayed and killed Mr. Sinister. After Rogue woke up and the baby was taken by Cable, Gambit left for his own way.

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