Gamora – Marvel

Gamora Marvel
Division: Marvel Character
Real Name: Gamora Zen Whoberi Ben Titan
Also Known As: The Most Dangerous Woman in the Universe, Green Assassin Lady, Bambi Long,
Tendency: Hero / Villain
Affiliations: Guardians of the Galaxy, Infinity Watch, Graces, United Front
Super Power: Healing ability, (In the past) Was connected to Thanos with telepathy
Ability: Various martial arts skills that knocks down dozens in a matter of minutes, Able to use multiple weapons, Assassination, Gymnastics
Weapons, Equipment: Godslayer Swords and Daggers,
(in the past) Time-manipulating Time Gem
First Appearance: Strange Tales # 180 (June, 1975)
Occupation: Adventurer, Assassin
Hometown: Zen Whoberi Planet
Family: Thanos (stepfather)
In Film: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)
Category: Guardians of the Galaxy

About Gamora

-Adopted daughter of Thanos

Gamora is the last survivor of the Zen Whoberi race that was annihilated by the Badoon race. Thanos, a terrorist of the universe, found Gamora and decided to raise her as a weapon.

She was raised to assassinate Magus, the evil version of android Adam Warlock.

Even though Thanos was not kind to her, Gamora loyally committed to him because he has promised the revenge for her family.

Later she was nicknamed “the most dangerous woman in the universe”.

She became a teenager and traveled with Thanos, but she confronted with assassins and was defeated. Thanos restored her wounds by artificially enforcing her body.

-Soul World

After she has grown up, Gamora was dispatched to fight against the Universal Church of the Truth. She met Adam Warlock and formed a team.

She once had a chance to get close to Magus, but the assassination failed.

Gamora fought against the Black Knight of the Universe Church and the Death Squad of Magus, along with Warlock and Pip The Troll. Thanos told Gamora to protect Warlock, but she was suspicious of Thanos’ plan. It was then, she was attacked by Drax.

Eventually, Magus was defeated, but Thanos revealed himself to be more threatening being.

Gamora stood against Thanos with Captain Marvel, Drax and the Avengers.

She tried to stop Thanos, who was trying to destroy the entire life of the universe, with Pip The Troll, but she was seriously wounded and Pip had his mind destroyed.

Warlock found them and absorbed their souls into the mysterious Soul Gem. When Warlock died, his soul came to be with the souls of his friends at Soul World in Soul Gem. The souls of enemies such as Kray-Tor and Autolycus, absorbed by Soulgem, also lived peacefully together in Soul World.

There Gamora met Silver Surfer who were traveling in Soul World, and also fought Drax.

-Infinity Gauntlet

Warlock decided to block Thanos who was up to get all the Infinity Gems, including Soul Gem, and put them into the Infinity Gauntlet. Because if Thanos succeeds in putting them all in the Infinity Gauntlet, he would get powers like god.

Warlock sent out Gamora and Pip to the real world.

Their souls occupied bodies of people who had just died in a car accident. The name of the person who Gamora went into was Bambi Long.

By the way, when Thanos used the Infinity Gauntlet and removed half the population of the universe, Gamora also was gone. Luckily, Warlock took over the Infinity Gauntlet, so that Gamora and others were able to come back.

-Infinity Watch

As Warlock began to wreak because of having the mighty power of Almighty, Gamora and Pip asked Dr. Stranger to stop him.

The multiverse balancer Living Tribunal intervened, and Warlock separated the Infiniti Gems and handed them to defenders named the Infinity Watch. Gamora received the Time Gem and occasionally got foresight ability but could not use the Gem properly.

She had a crush on Warlock, but after having an argument with Maxam, she left the team leaving the Time Gem behind.


Gamora later came back in contact with Warlock and returned as a mercenary. While they were traveling together, Warlock finally accepted her love.

The two stayed at another demension to safely raise a human girl, Atleza, who rolled as an anchor of reality.

Gamora later ended her relationship with Worlock, and appeared as the leader of a group of female warriors, the Graces, in a place called Godthab Omega. And in order to regain her reputation as the most dangerous woman in the space, she wielded the powerful sword Godslayer.

-Love with Nova

When Annihilus started war to destroy the entire universe, she joins the United Front, an allied force led by Nova, and fought against the army of Annihilus with her fast counteroffensive. Eventually she fell in love with Nova.

When the mechanical life-form race Phalanx invaded the Kree empire, Gamora was assimilated into the Phalanx, being infected with their virus. They dispatched Gamora to chase the fugitive Nova.

Nova liberated her, but this experience left her a serious mental anguish.

-Guardians of the Galaxy

Gamora joins Guardians of the Galaxy with Adam Warlock.

As Warlock turned to Magus, Gamora and some members became his prisoners.

Being rescued by Star-Lord, she fought alongside in the death-disappeared dimension, Cancerverse.

Later, she arrived on Earth to help the Avengers fight against Thanos.

When Badoon invaded the Earth, the Guardians fought with Tony Stark. However, since the law allowing the galactic empires to invade Earth has passed, this time the army of Spartax broke in and everyone got caught. Fortunately, thanks to Groot, Gamora was released and able to take the control of Spartax’s spacecraft.

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