General Zod – DC

General Zod
Division: DC Character
World: New Earth
Real Name: Dru-Zod
Tendency: Villain
Affiliation: Kryptonian Military Guild, Kryptonian Defense Commission
Super Power: Absorption and storage of solar heat : vast power, Physical strength, Durability, X-ray vision, Heat vision, Zoom vision, Can see Chi of the living, Superspeed flying, Super hearing, Ice Breathing
Abilities: Combat skills, Martial arts, Leadership
Weapons, Equipment: Krypton Planet’s advanced equipment and weapons
Limitations: His power weakens under the red sun. Not resistant to poison and magic.
Green kryptonite radioactivity weakens him and leads to death.
First Appearance: Adventure Comics # 283 (April 1961)
Occupation: Soldier, Terrorist
Hometown: Krypton Planet
Family: Ursa (wife), Lor-Zod (Nightwing, son)
In Film: Superman (1978), Superman 2 (1980), Man of Steel (2013), Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)
Category: DC Villain

About General Zod

-Failed Revolt

Prior to the destruction of Krypton planet, Defense Commissioner Jod and his deputy Ursa striked the lab of Jor-El and his mentor Non who were experimenting to avoid the destruction of Krypton and arrested them on charges of science heresy. In fact, Congress believed in the hypothesis that the destruction of the planet that Jor-El talks about is approaching, but pretended it was not true in order not to confuse society. However, General Zod, who arrested Jor-El, realized that his argument was correct.

Zod and Ursa, along with Non, began to find ways to warn the citizens of Krypton, and Zod and Non got close during. The Congress has made Non into a lowly intelligent barbarian by surgery. Angered Zod vowed to abandon his loyalty to parliament and take revenge for what they did to Non. Zod tried to take control of the parliament with the help of Jor-El, but Jor-El refused saying that the method was wrong. Zod was arrested after breaking into the parlimament and killed five members of parliament with Ursa and Non.

Jor-El appealed to the Congress not to sentence death on them, and the rest of the lawmakers entrusted him with their disposition. So, according to Jor-el’s decision, these three were expelled to the Phantom Zone, a time-stopped dimension. Zod regarded Jor-El as a coward and pledged to take revenge on his family. They had to stay in it even after the explosion of Krypton.

-Escape and Revenge

General Zod and Ursa found abandoned buildings in Phantom Zone that were used as Krypton prisons. Time went right through the prison, and the body could be in a solid state, unlike being in a ghostly form like outside. They started living in this. Zod and Ursa gave birth to a child who was immune to the effects of the Phantom Zone and named him Lor-Zod. However, Zod mistreated him as a tool for escape rather than as a son. Zod and Ursa, who completed making the spacecraft over the years, were able to escape the Phantom Zone with 25 other Kryptonian criminals thanks to Lor-Zod’s Phantom Zone immunity.

Zod knew that Jor-El’s son was living on Earth in the name of Superman. He captured Superman into the Phantom Zone using a trap, but Superman escaped with the help of Phantom Zone prisoner Mon-El. Lor-Zod was found by Superman and Lois Lane and adopted as a son, and was named Christopher Kent. Zod had assembled Superman’s nemesis Lex Luthor, Metallo, Parasite, and Bizarro to create his army, but Superman and his colleagues killed some and send the rest back to the Phantom Zone. At this point, however, Zod and Ursa took Christopher while driven to the Phantom Zone.

-Birth of New Krypton

Before krypton was destroyed, a villain named Brainiac shrunk the entire city of Kandor and kept it in a bottle for research. This included the parents of Supergirl. After Brainiac was defeated by Superman, the city returned to its normal size and moved to a newly made planet far from the sun. It became New Krypton. Supergirl’s mother, Alula, released Zod, Ursa, and Non and gave Zod the commander-in-chief of the army. Superman, as he wanted to look at the life of New Krypton, became the commander of a military guild under the command of General Zod. Though Zod and Superman did not believe each other, they cooperated to develop New Krypton.

On the occasion of Krypton’s event, Ral-Dar shot Zod. Ral-Dar was a spy of General Sam(father of Lois Lane) who regards aliens as a threat. The council confirmed the weapons used by Ral-Dar was made on Earth and declared war. Superman took the role of commander-in-chief until Zod was restored.

-Attack of Brainiac

When Brainiac attacked, General Zod ordered Superman’s troops to stay far away so that he would not be disturbed on his plan. Superman was surprised to see by the telephoto vision that Zod was using canon blasters to even make their people die. However, when the smoke went away, Superman saw the battleship of the Brainiac that was not damaged at all, despite the innumerable damage of the friendly army. Angered Superman tore his uniform and returned to Superman. Supergirl found that the Brainiac’s robots were using red sunlight that weakens the kryptonian. Superboy, Mon-El, and the Legion of Superheroes (a superhero team from the future) arrived to help Supergirl, but Zod arrested Superboy and the Legion.

Superman was able to enter and destroy the Brainiac battleship, but Brainiac and Lex Luthor showed up carring a kryptonite weapon. Superman was knocked down by Brainiac’s weapon and stood up again. Although Zod attempted to knock down and kill Brainiac, a member of the Legion, Brainiac 5, teleported with Brainiac and disappeared.

-The End of New Krypton

General Zod eventually gathered an army to attack the earth. Superman fisted at Zod, but other Kryptonians were on Zod’s side. Superman, who fell by Ursa and Non, escaped to space and tortured Reactron, who worked for General Samuel Lane, to find out about the plan of the earth. Reactron declared that he is a weapon himself, and as he self-exploded, the entire New Krypton planet was destroyed. Surprised Superman searched the debris of New Krypton and found Supergirl. Zod and the survivors rode the fleet in bitterness and decided to make Earth into New Krypton. Zod’s army attacked the earth, but Superman began to fight in the sky. Superboy sent Non to the Phantom Zone, and Supergirl knocked Ursa down.

Superman took Zod and tried to get himself trapped in the Phantom Zone with him. But then Christopher, who became an adult, returned Superman to Earth and took Zod into the Phantom Zone.

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