Hawkgirl – DC

Division: DC Character
World: New Earth
Real Name: Kendra Saunders
Also Known As: Chay-Ara, Sheila Carr, Celia Penbrook, Kate Manser
Tendency: Hero
Affiliations: Justice Society of America, Justice League of America, Birds of Prey, Black Lantern Corps
Super Power: Reincarnation, Limited levitation
Ability: Bare hand combat, Skilled in various weapons
Weapons and Equipment: Belts and boots made of Nth Metal: The mysterious metal of the planet Thanagar, the Nth metal, is the mental that responses to the wearer, and inforces, durability, vision, regeneration ability, survival ability.
Wings made of N-th metal: It enables super speed flight and also serves as navigation.
Medieval weapons such as mace, spear, hand ax, and shield
Limitation: Occasionally, memories of past lives come to her mind and cause dizziness.
Whenever she is reincarnated, she must wander in search of the soul mate. And when she is deeply connected with the soul mate, she is killed and reincarnated.
First Appearance: JSA Secret Files # 1 (August 1999)
Occupation: Adventurer, Curator
Family: Cyril (Speed, grandfather), Shiera Sanders Hall (Hawkwoman, great aunt), Carter Hall (Hawkman, great aunt)
In Film: None
Category: Justice League

About Hawkgirl


Kendra (Hawkgirl) is the granddaughter of Speed Saunders, a former intelligence agent, and the nephew of Hawkman and Hawkwoman. After his parents died at her age of sixteen, Kendra had to go through uneven childhood. Kendra, who did not want to be sent to an orphanage, spent nights on the street and was found by her grandfather Speed Saunders. Speed became the protector of Kendra and sent her to her longtime dream film school.

Kendra, however, cut her wrist at the age of 17 to commit suicide. Speed found her in the bathroom and hurriedly took her to a hospital, but she died. However ten minutes after the death sentence, Kendra suddenly began to breathe again, miraculously resurrected without knowing why.

Speed noticed that his granddaughter’s oroginally green eyes turned brown when she woke up again. He noticed that she was the reincarnation of his nephew, Shiera Hall, who had acted as Hawkgirl, and realized that he could no longer see his granddaughter. She had all the memories of Kendra, but she had no memory of her previous life and still thought she was Kendra Saunders. Speed told Kendra about the family history and began training her as Hawkgirl.

-Justice Society of America

Six months later, on her 19th birthday night, Speed called Kendra to put her wings on. Speed witnessed the death of Sandman (Wesley Dodds) in the hands of Mordru with enormous magical powers, and thought he has to reorganize the superhero team Justice Society of America to stop Mordru.

The next day Kendra flew for the first time with the wings of her great aunt. She flew to Vancouver to protect a newborn baby boy at her grandfather’s instructions. Being the reincarnation of Hector Hall (the son of Hawkman and Hawkgirl) and successor of the greatest wizard Doctor Fate, the baby was being traced by Mordru. Mordru kidnapped the baby, but the Justice Society and Kendra were eventually available to save the baby before he died. Star Spangled Kid was able to combine Fate’s ability with the baby. The baby grew up and became the new Doctor Fate, captured Mordru in his talisman and saved the Justice Society. Heroes decided to reorganize the Justice Society. Kendra joined the Justice Society as the new Hawkgirl.

-Hawkman’s Partner

She helped to bring back the soul of Khufu, an ancient Egyptian prince who was her lover in the previous life, to the flesh of Carter Hall (Hawkman). Although there have been fragmentary memories of the fighting experience since then, Kendra declined her fate as a soulmate of Khufu. She had conflicts with Carter on this matter. a rebellious and rough young woman, Kendra, was confused by her jumbled memories as she chased after the case of murdered parents.

As a partner of Hawkman, she lived with him in St. Roch, Louisiana, and began to admit that she was eventually being attracted to him. The truth about the identity of Kendra was revealed by the angel Zauriel.

Kendra, along with Speed, visited her daughter Mia, who lives with her adoption family in Oregon. And when the Justice League of America disappeared into the past, she joined the temporary Justice League team.

-Space War

Superhero Donna Troy convened several superheroes including Kendra in the war between the two planets, Rann and Thanagar. While fighting in space, she was hit by the teleport beam, Zeta Beam, and got bigger by six meters tall. After a short while, she returned to normal size, and while Carter remained on the planet Thanagar, she became a curator of the Stonechat Museum, as well as defending St. Roch

However, being kidnapped by the wicked Thanagarians, Kendra was tried for treason. After being convicted, they tried to bind her hands and mouth and punish, but noticing that she could levitate without wings, Kendra escaped pretending to be dead.

After joining the newly formed Justice League, she dated Red Arrow but eventually broke up because of her relationship with Carter, and left the league. The spirit of Shiera left Kendra’s body and went to the afterlife, and now the Hawkgirl became 100% Kendra Saunders.

-Black lantern Corps

Kendra argued with Carter for his visit to the cemetery of Jean Loring, the divorced wife of Carter’s old friend, Atom. Because Jean Loring had killed the wife of Elongated Man, Sue Dibny, and Robin’s father, in the hope that Atom would be interested in her again. By this time, as the Black Lantern Corps, the worshiper of death, was born, those who died throughout the universe revived in the form of zombies and became members of the Black Lantern Corps. When Kendra tried to express her love to Carter, Elongated Man and Sue Dibny, who became the Black Lantern Corps, entered their fort. Sue stabbed Kendra with the spear, and Elongated Man mocked Carter saying that Kendra never loved him. Kendra died, denying it. Carter also followed her, dying in the hands of Elongated Man, and revived with Kendra to the Black Lantern Corps.

During the final battle, Hawkman and Hawkgirl were resurrected by the white light as the White Lantern of Life. Hawkgirl took off her mask, saying that she remembers all her past, and she was Shiera, not Kendra.

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