Human Torch – Marvel

Human Torch Marvel
Division: Marvel Character
Real Name: Jonathan Lowell Spencer “Johnny” Storm
Also Known As: Matchstick Johnny, Doug Brown, Invisible Boy, Ryan Landau, Firebug, Hothead
Tendency: Hero
Affiliation: Fantastic Four, Avengers Unity Division, Future Foundation, Heralds of Galactus, Fantastic Force, Captain America’s “Secret Avengers”
Super Power: Body burns, and it makes him possible to fly.
Can cause fire storms and fire fireballs. Makes a “Divine Storm”.
Resistance to fire and heat
Ability: Machine maintenance
Limitations: The whole body’s flame can be maintained for 16.8 hours and can be switched off in the same way as when turning off regular fire.
First Appearance: Fantastic Four # 1 (November, 1961)
Occupation: Adventurer, Amateur racer, Actor, Ruler of the negative zone, Circus member
Hometown: Long Island Glenville, New York
Family: Sue Storm (Invisible Woman, sister), Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic, elder sister’s husband), Franklin Richards (nephew), Valeria Richards (nephew)
In Film: Fantastic Four (2005), Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007), Fantastic Four (2015)
Category: The Avengers

About Human Torch

-Cosmic Ray

Johnny (Human Torch), who had a great interest in automobiles, knew that his mother had died from a car accident only after when he was nine years old.

He spends his spare time at the car repair shop and learned to repair cars before he was 15. He got his first car on his sixteenth birthday.

When his sister Sue was staying in California to become an actor, Johnny visited there.

Sue’s fiance, Reed Richards, made a spacecraft and decided to take a test flight with his friend Ben. At that time, Sue and Johnny were also willing to follow.

However, the four who went out into space was forced to hurry back being hit by the cosmic rays containing intense radiation. Johnny knew that due to the radiation, his body could set on fire.

He used the name of Human Torch, a hero from the 1940s Android, and the four formed the Fantastic Four.


Johnny and Sue, who continued their adventure, tried living a quiet life on Long Island. He tried to graduate from high school in his hometown where people did not know that he was Human Torch, but it was impossible to keep the secret.

He had many girlfriends, but he had the longest relationship with Crystal, a member of the evolved humanity Inhumans.

After graduation, Johnny moved to the Fantastic Four headquarters in New York.

After joining Metro College, Johnny became a close friend with his roommate, Wyatt Wingfoot. Wyatt went on a trip to Wakanda Africa along with the Fantastic Four.

Here Fantastic Four first met Black Panther and helped him fight Klaw.

Frankie Raye, an interpreter, was initially afraid of Johnny’s abilities but gradually became a girlfriend.

After a long time, Frankie found herself also has the ability to make fire.

She trained as a volunteer to become a member of Fantastic Four, but then Galactus, the cosmic being who devoures the planet’s vitality, returned to Earth.

Frankie left the team volunteering to become a new herald of Galactus in exchange for the safety of the planet.


After meeting several other girlfriends, Johnny married Ben’s former girlfriend, the Blind sculptor Alicia Masters. This caused tension between Ben and Johnny.

Ben rejoined Crystal to the team and made Alicia doubtful. Crystal soon left the team, but Ben begane dating with the applicant Ms. Marvel.

Later, Alicia Masters turned out to be a spy of the transforming alien race, Skrull. While Lyja was disguised as Alicia, Lija really fell in love with Johnny and got married. Lija even helped the team to rescue real Alicia.

Lija was caught by the Skrull and succeeded in escaping, but her relationship with Johnny deteriorated.

Johnny entered the Empire State University, but due to continued adventure he was unable to graduate here on time. During this period, he grew up a sense of friendship and rivalry with Spider-Man.

Lija, who had left, was pregnant and returned to Earth to reconcile. She gave a birth to the baby, but she did not know that Skrull had transplanted the baby as a bioweapon. The fake baby was destroyed and Lija remained as a teammate, but Johnny began to meet other girls again.

Lija, who still loved Johnny, used her ability to transform into a young woman. Johnny felt a romantic feeling in her transformation, and they both started dating again.

But Johnny did not know that she was Lija’s transformation, until they were reconciled after the attack of the psychic entity Onslaught.

-Gideon Trust

Johnny later began to date with Atlantis’ princess Namorita, and She joined several adventures of the Fantastic Four.

When Reed, Sue, and Benjamin attempt to stop the agents of the Gideon Trust who stole energy from the Negatives Zone, they found out that the Trust has stolen the Cosmic Rod, the weapon of Annihilus who was ruling the Negative Zone. They separated the two universes in an attempt to bring the Cosmic Rod to Earth.

Johnny, who remained on the planet for the rescue of his team members, accepted Ant Man (Scott Lang), Namorita and She Hulk as team members and fought the Gideon Trust of Earth.

The Fantastic Four sealed the entrance to the Negative Zone and restored the structure between the two universes. By the way, Johnny realized that his flame was out of control because he absorbed too much energy. Reed tried to balance his ability, but Johnny had to wear a special costume to control the flame.

-Daughter of a Wizard

Sue was pregnant with the second child, complications were beginning. Johnny found Dr. Doom and sought for help and he was able to save Sue and the baby.

Johnny also tried to become a film actor in the western movie based on the life of Rawhide Kid.

Johnny got to know a new woman on the internet and eventually decided to meet her. This woman, Cole Wittman, in fact was the daughter of Wizard, who is the foe of the Fantastic Four.

Cole was aiming to deceive the Fantastic Four, and the battle between the Wizard’s team Frightful Four and the Fantastic Four took place. In the end Wizard ran away with Cole, but Johnny still hoped to see her again.

-The Herald of Galactus

The alien, Zius, threatened to destroy Earth if Sue, who could cover the planet with a transparent shield did not sacrifice. So Reed used the gun to switch the power of Johnny and Sue to trick Zius into leaving Earth. Galactus destroyed the ship of Zius and demanded Johnny to serve as his new herald.

The power of the universe permeated Johnny, making him understand everything he analyzes, and led him into love for his family. The Fantastic Four and the Protector of the Universe, Quasar, were able to make Galactus a human for a while.

Johnny’s universal power disappeared, although the ability of the Fantastic Four was randomly shifted to four New Yorkers.

-Superhuman Registration Act

When all her supporters were fighting over the enactment of the Superhuman Registration Act, which states that all of them must register with the government, Johnny haven’t aware of his public responsibility as a superhero, and went to a nightclub with his girlfriend to be attacked by angry citizens.

Reed and Sue suffered a deep conflict on taking care of their children, and Ben left for France.

After Goliath’s death, Johnny joined Captain America’s “Secret Avengers” with Sue. Nick Fury made a new identity, disguising the siblings as a couple.

Eventually Captain America surrended and the war ended, and Johnny and Ben remained in the Fantastic Four with Black Panther, Storm.

When the Skrull invaded, one of the Skrulls hit the Baxter Building with the looks of Sue. The Skrull sent Johnny, Ben, Franklin, and Valeria into the Negative Zone.

When Johnny faced Skrull, the Skrull revealed her identity and it was Lyja. Lyja was trying to help keep the Fantasy Four safe.

When Johnny, Ben, Franklin, Valeria and Tinkerer were about to leave the negative zone, Lyja decided to stay in the negative zone wanting to find out about herself.

-Death and Resurrection

While Reed and Sue were leaving the Baxter Building due to the mission, a pseudo religious group broke into the Building and opened the entrance to the Negative Zone. As soon as the entrance opened, countless Annihilation legions were released and threatened Ben, who lost his power, and the childrens of Future Foundation who lived in the Backster building.

Franklin pushed the corps into the negative zone with his super power, and randomly decided the password of the door so that no one could enter or exit.

Ben was ready to sacrifice himself, but Johnny pushed him out of the negative zone and closed the door. Johnny burnt all over his body and ran to the Annihilus army corps, and many soldiers covered him. Annihilus revived Johnny three times. But before they covered the body, Johnny burnt them again and killed himself too.

After all, they succeeded in bringing Johnny back to life and lock him up in the prison.

However, he escaped with Light Brigade, a Inhumans team he met there, and attacked Annihilus. Johnny took the Cosmic Rod and succeeded in opening the entrance of the Baxter Building. He returned to Earth with Annihilus in the chain.

-Extraterrestrial Invasion

At the moment, the fleet of the alien Kree empire was attacking New York. Johnny flew high above the Baxter Building and made “4” with flame.

He fought with the Kree fleet leading the army of Annihilus. Sue and Reed summoned Galactus to completely destroy the fleet.

Then, a God like race of the universe, Mad Celestials, showed up to destroy the universe. After all the unsuccessful attempts, Franklin and Valeria from the future appeared and defeated them.

Reed built a new headquarters and started the New Fantastic Four with new costumes.

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