Hyperion – Marvel

Hyperion Marvel
Division: Marvel Character
Real Name: Marcus Milton
Also Known As: Sun-God, Caretaker, Father, Hype, The Sun
Tendency: Hero
Affiliations: Avengers, Squadron Supreme of Earth-616, A.I.M., Sunspot’s Avengers, Squadron Supreme of Earth-13034
Super Power: Absorbs cosmic radiation and acts like nuclear fusion. Light speed flying, Survival in space, Durability withstanding explosion of the universe, Space energy manipulation, Atomic vision, Regeneration
Abilities: Bare hand combat, Ultimate intelligence
Limitations: Solar energy blocking, Magic
First Appearance: Avengers Vol 5 # 1 (February, 2013)
Occupation: Adventurer, Vigilante
Hometown: Earth-13034
In Film: None
Category: Avengers

About Hyperion

-The only survivor

The baby of the Eternals, who lived in a dying world, was sent to Earth-13034 and became the only survivor of the Eternals. “Father” named the baby Marcus Milton (Hyperion) and raised teaching morality of the society.

After grown up, he became the superhero Hyperion and joined the team Squadron Supreme.

One day, Hyperion’s universe and another universe began to clash. He tried to prevent the world from being destroyed, but eventually the universe was destroyed and he became the only survivor again. he was living alone in a space where there was nothing, just like that.

-The Avengers

However, a group of scientists called A.I.M. of Earth-616 summoned him to their world. He was saved by the Avengers from where he was captured and experimented. Hyperion then became the Avengers in his third world.

His first task at the Avengers was to save members of the Avengers such as Iron Man and Thor, whom were caught by Ex Nihilo, Abyss and Aleph at Mars.

After completing successful rescue and returning to Earth, he ran through various parts of the planet that had been destroyed by Ex Nihilo’s Origin Bomb. The Origin Bomb was an attempt to create new lives.

As Hyperion went to the Savage Land in primitive region of Antarctica, he discovered the Children of the Sun, an evolved species created by the Origin Bomb. He spent time with children there and taught them many things.

-The end of the Multiverse

After finding out that the Multiverse collided with each other in space and the entire universe is being destroyed, Sunspot left the Avengers and asked Hyperion who were with the Children of the Sun, for help.

He and Odinson (Thor), Ex Nihilo, Abyss, Star Brand, Night Mask and others went out into space to confront the Builders, creators of the universe who were up to destroy whole Earth and the universe and recreate it. This was a suicide mission that no one would never return, but Hyperion could not let the universe fall again.

They met with the Black Priests who were trying to protect the Multiverse. From them the heroes learned that the real main instigators to eliminate the Multiverse are the Ivory Kings and Rabum Alal.

While the Black Priests were looking for Rabam Alal, the Avengers decided to look for the Ivory Kings, who were also known as the Beyonders.

As the Avengers went through the various universes, they reached to the end of the time and space, helped by the sacrifice of Night Mask. In the face of the two Beyonders from the crack, Abyss, Ex Nihilo, Star Brand were sacrificed. Hyperion and Thor as well threw their lives toward endlessly comming Beyonders.

-the Squadron Supreme

After the Multiverse was destroyed and restored, Hyperion left the Avengers to join the Squadron Supreme. They were composed of members from each Earth that was destroyed first by the Illuminati (the secret group of the superhero) and the Cabal (the group that Namor formed with Supervillains) to prevent Earth’s destruction.

Their first action was to punish Namor, who destroyed the planet of Doctor Spectrum. Hyperion lifted whole Atlantis city in the ocean to the surface and destroyed it. And he threw down angry Namor’s neck with Atomic Vision.

This behavior attracted the public’s attention and led to staggering reactions of one side saying they are too dangerous beings, and the other side saying that they are just realizing justice. The original Human Torch and Steve Rogers, who watched this at S.H.I.E.L.D., decided that they should not leave them like this.

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