Lady Deathstrike – Marvel

Lady Deathstrike
Division: Marvel Character
Real Name: Yuriko Oyama
Also Known As: Ana Cortes
Tendency: Villain
Affiliations: Reavers, Thunderbolts, Descendants, Sisterhood of Mutants, Oyama Heavy Industries
Super Power: Cyberpathically reinforced physical ability, Cyberpathy (Brain connected to computer)
Abilities: Samurai Martial Arts, Kendo skills
Weapons, Equipment: Unbreakable Adamantium Bones, Nails grow from 30 cm to 60 cm. Electromagnetic knife, Throwing-Knife, Nunchaku, Ignition armor
First Appearance: (as Yuriko Oyama) Daredevil # 197 (August, 1983);
(as Lady Deathstrike) Alpha Flight # 33 (April, 1986)
Occupation: Assassin, Businessman
Hometown: Osaka, Japan
Family: Kenji Oyama (Lord Dark Wind, father), Lord Deathstrike (brother)
In Film: X-Men 2 (2003)
Category: Marvel Villain

About Lady Deathstrike

-Lord Darkwind

Yuriko(Lady Deathstrike)’s father was Lord Dark Wind, Kenji Oyama, the Kamikaze pilot who survived the suicide attack on US battleships during World War II.

Kenji was very shamed on his survival.

His face was scarred by fighter clashe, and when he returned to Japan, he left the same scars on the faces of his two son and daughter.

In the hope of making super soldiers for Japan, Kenji founded the Oyama Heavy Industries and developed Adamantium alloys that never break. However, he got the notes stolen and it took several years for him to rediscover the process.

He despised the Japanese civilization after the war and moved to a private island offshore Japan.

-Revenge of Yuriko

Kenji changed the bones of Bullseye which were broke during fight with Daredevil, into adamantium. In exchange, he demanded assassination of the Trade Minister to Bullseye.

Daredevil who followed Bullseye arrived in Japan and met Yuriko. Yuriko was plotting revenge to his father who had killed her brothers and hurted herself.

In addition, Yuriko did not want her lover Kira to get hurt while serving as Kenji’s private soldier. Bullseye escaped from the island to get away from Daredevil, and Yuriko killed Kenji, who was trying to kill Daredevil.

However, Kira fell into despair on his master’s death, and committed suicide. This made Yuriko turn radical. She was convinced that Wolverine had stolen her father’s adamantium.

Yuriko led his father’s soldiers to Canada and tried to kill Wolverine. But she lost to Wolverine’s friend Heather Hudson (Vindicator).

-Cyborg Yuriko

Yuriko became a cyborg, making a deal with Spiral. Spiral also removed the scar on her face. Yuriko fought against Wolverine with cyborg mercenaries of the Hellfire Club, such as Cole, Macon, and Reeds, but all were defeated.

Later, Lady Deathstrike entered the criminal group Reavers, led by the cyborg Donald Pierce. They tried many attacks against the X-Men, especially Wolverine, at the Australian base.

Yuriko had many adventures alone to regain her father’s legacy more.

-Obsession on Wolverine

At some point, her fanatical obsession on Wolverine made her go to Guernica in Spain during World War II, causing her to fight between Wolverine, Sabretooth, and Darkness.

When the time traveling mutant criminal Trevor Fitzroy sent Sentinels (mutant killing robots) to catch Donald Pierce, she was one of the few surviving members of the attacked base.

After that, Lady Deathstrike repeatedly tormented Wolverine.

She was briefly swung into the spirit of Wolverine’s ex-teacher Ogun, but after Wolverine defeated Ogun, she returned to herself.

Sabretooth tried to destroy Wolverine’s life by hiring Lady Deathstrike and Omega Red. Though their plan was successful, Sabretooth teleported with Wolverine to Canada, where she could betray their peers and fight Wolverine without interference.


Lady Deathstrike broke William Stryker out of jail, who had been imprisoned for murder while performing anti-mutant crusade. Yuriko who was helping Stryker by providing resources of Oyama Heavy Industries, became controlled by Paul, a living computer.

Paul tried to protect mutants living in Mount Haven. Beeing under control of Paul, Yuriko fought the X-Men as well as Stryker. She also fought Wolverine again.

However, during the battle, the building collapsed and Yuriko was buried under it. Bishop of the X-Men investigated the scene but only found her machine arm.


When Stryker’s fanatic group Purifiers and the Reavers formed a coalition, Yuriko appeared again. When the X-Men attacked the Purifiers, Yuriko gave a serious damage to Hellion. The New X-Men was barely able to escape.

When a baby called the mutant savior was born, the Reavers chased Cable who took the baby. They attacked the X-Force who was blocking the way, and X-23 fought against Yuriko.

In this battle, X-23 completely destroyed Lady Deathstrike.

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