Midnighter – DC

Division: DC Character
World: Prime Earth
Real Name: Unknown
Also Known As: Lucas Trent
Tendency: Hero
Affiliation: God Garden, Stormwatch
Super Power: Combat prediction (all the possible scenarios for the fight are programmed and held in his head), Transplanted muscles, Strength, Durability, Speed, Super vision
Ability: Bare hand combat
Weapons, Equipment: Carbon Fiber Armor
First Appearance: Flashpoint Vol 2 # 5 (October, 2011)
Occupation: Adventurer
In Film: None
Category: DC Hero

About Midnighter

-Midnighter and Apollo

Lucas Trent (Midnighter), a 14-year-old farm worker, was kidnapped by aliens on his way home from work. The aliens were experimenting with kidnapped people.

Another subject of experiment, Andrew Pulaski, gained Superman like power and Lucas got more subtle abilities. Ten years after Andrew was kidnapped, Lucas escaped and began his life as a mercenary. Lucas traced Andrew, who became Apollo, for over a year.

When Martian Manhunter, Jack Hawksmoor, and Projectionist of a group called Stormwatch contacted Andrew to recruit him, Lucas appeared in front of him. He told Apollo that he has been following him constantly and am interested in how he deals with the power and the threat. And Lucas proposed Andrew to be a partner with him. Martian Manhunter said that they could accept both, and since Stormwatch is not a superhero team, they barely have hesitations for murdering.

At this time, Adam One, the leader of the Stormwatch, came out through the teleport portal and welcomed Midnighter to the team. He suggested to protect the Earth together, saying that it would be a waste to use Midnighter’s skills to deal with criminals such as robbers.

Around that time, the pieces of the Moon started to fell to Earth’s atmosphere as Harry Tanner of the Stormwatch handled the alien threats on the moon. As they became meteoric, their conversation was interrupted and the meteor turned into an antibody, causing a commotion. When they ran to the scene, the antibody absorbed every members of the Stormwatch.

Apollo and Midnighter came in contact with Projectionist in the headquarters. When they were planning to rescue the Stormwatch members, Jack Hawksmoor took the members to the ancient underground city, Alba Umbra, and powered Jenny Quantum up through artifacts that turns monsters into glass.

-Joining the Storm Watch

Returning to the headquarters, the members of the Stormwatch found out that the Shadow Cabinet, the group behind the Stormwatch, had appointed Projectionist as the new leader. Midnighter and Apollo sneaked and explored the headquarters. Midnighter said since his goal is significantly different from the team’s goals so it would be much more effective to act as the two than being members of the Stormwatch. Suddenly there was an emergency distress call from the universe, so Apollo was dispatched for the investigation.

Midnighter then noticed that the distress signal was Harry Turner’s plan to distract the Stormwatch’s attention, to steal data. The two started fighting, and Midnighter’s ability to predict opponents’ next movement made Harry Turner hard to fight.

Just then, Projectionist jumped in and grabbed Harry and fled into space. The headquarters of the Stormwatch was destroyed by a bomb planted in advance. The explosion threw Midnighter deep into the universe, and at the moment of death, Apollo flew and took him to the remaining headquarters. Later, after having a conversation with Engineer who was a member of the Stormwatch, Midnighter officially joined the Stormwatch with Apollo.

-Strange Phenomena

Midnighter went on a duty to investigate a strange quarrel in the Himalayas. He found Grifter in the Himalayas, the world’s most wanted wanderer. Grifter was in the process of finding out the evidence, knowing that the Daemonite had invaded Earth.

When Midnighter attacked Grifter, he blew a flame in front of Midnighter’s face, making him blind. But Midnighter was able to overwhelm him even in blinded condition. Grifter fell to the crevasse (but he escaped without dying). Midnighter, who couldn’t found anything in the the Himalayas, returned to the headquarters.

Midnighter persuaded Apollo to take him out to London. But a fight broke out and something broke into Midnighter’s spirit. a nearby apartment was the epicenter of the strange phenomena. In this building, violence such as murder, rape, torture, etc, were keep had been taking places. Midnighter and Apollo went down to the basement and met a boy who was drawing a demon on the wall with his parents’ blood.

The boy who saw them summoned the devil Etrigan. Etriegan buried beneath the building was the cause of all the violences happened here. Midnighter ran up, but fell into a fist and Apollo fought alone. The Stormwatch arrived and all together they were able to overtake Etrigan.

-False Charge

Engineer has given Midnighter and Apollo a new rule to ban dating among their members. But they decided to ignore this rule. Apollo wanted to leave the Stormwatch, but Midnighter said he felt the place like home.

Harry Turner built a base in Antarctica and envisioned a sophisticated plan to break down the Stormwatch from inside. In particular, he was thinking of a special plan for Midnighter. He got a device that would transform himself into Shadow Lord, a member of the Shadow Cabinet.

Harry, who transformed, appeared at the Stormwatch headquarters and ordered a more aggressive approach to superhumans of the planet. Then he ordered to kill Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern as threats. It was a plan for the Stormwatch to be killed or weakened in the process. And he sent Projectionist back to the Stormwatch, in advance Harry manipulated her memory and made her believe that Harry was killed in an explosion. Midnighter saw through Harry’s transformation and told the others, but it was useless. Harry ordered members to arrest Midnighter. Midnighter kidnapped Projectionist, went out a door to the South Pole, and sought for evidences of what Harry had done. Harry, following Midnighter, murdered several researchers during the path and charged it on Midnighter.

-God Garden

Midnighter, who left the Stormwatch, was acting as an agent of the God Garden. At this time, his name Lucas, and all the memories he had been experimented by aliens were revealed to be false.

While performing the task of finding Paragon’s stolen body parts, he encountered Agent 37 (Dick Grayson) of the spy agency Spyral. Midnighter kidnapped Dick and took him to the God Garden. He used Garden’s technology to remove what was implanted in Dick and implanted it into himself. Dick’s knowledge to deal with Midnighter was all transferred to Midnighter.

He ended the partnership, After using Paragon’s brains to defeat the Fist of Cain, who was trying to cause a riot in Tel Aviv. Midnighter decided to go his own way knowing that Gardener, the superviser of the God Garden, knew this attack in advance but didn’t want to be involved.

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