Raven – Teen Titans

Raven Teen Titans
Division: DC Character
World: New Earth
Real Name: Raven
Also Known As: Rachel Roth, Pride,
Tendency: Hero
Affiliations: Titans, New Teen Titans, New Titans, Teem Titans, Sentinels of Magic
Super Powers: Emotional interchange, Long range teleport, Astral projection, Emotion Manipulating, Low level predictive power, Give pain through contact
First Appearance: DC Comics Presents # 26 (October 1980)
Occupation: Adventurer
Hometown: Azarath
Family: Trigon (father)
In Film: None
Category: Teen Titans

About Raven

-Devil’s child

The group of pseudo-religion attempting to bring Satan on Earth tried to summon Trigon the Terrible, the powerful ally of another dimension, using Arella as a sacrifice. Summoned Trigon took Arella as a bride. Almost at the moment of suicide, Arella was rescued by a group of pacifists and moved to another dimension called Azarath. And there she gave birth to Raven.

At the time she was born, the evil influence of Trigon was felt in Azarath. Azar, the leader of Azarath, trained her to keep the evil side of Trigon from appearing. From she was 10 years old, Arella grew Raven. Azar gave her a pair of rings she had always been wearing before she died. The rings were her essence.

Three years later, Trigon appeared in Azarath to awaken Raven.

As a defense, she liberated her soul for the first time. Trigon made his essence soak in Raven’s soul, and left with the prediction that she would eventually come to him.

-Raven to Earth

Raven, aged 18, felt the tragic wickedness of Trigon and came to Earth to gather heroes to stop him.

She first appeared in the Justice League, but she could not be accepted because the wizard, Zatanna, detected the evil inside her. Raven eventually formed the New Teen Titans.

When the Titans realized that Raven was the daughter of Trigon, they also noticed that she made Kid Flash to think he loves her. The Titans were scattered as they could not believe Raven anymore.

But eventually they all gathered again and helped her to defeat Trigon. Trigon was thrown into a prison in the dimension.

-The Appearance of Trigon

Despite the victory, Raven was still fighting the effects of Trigon, and this dark side grew each time she revealed her emotions. Kid Flash was afraid of her evil side and eventually left the team.

In the end, she could not resist the trick of the Trigon. As Trigon was liberated, Azarath was destroyed, and Raven went under the control of her father as the four red eyes appeared on her face.

The Titans fought against Trigon and Raven. Raven had to die in the process because the Souls of Azarath, which had only souls left to deal with Trigon, was only able to destroy Trigon through Raven’s body. Lilith and Arella helped, and the Titans defeated Trigon.

-The New Opportunity

When Trigon died, Raven was also considered dead. However, her body, which had removed Trigon’s influence, did not die. she disappeared, and Arella sought her.

Raven was caught by the men of the villain Brother Blood in a daze, but helped Nightwing, who has been also caught. The Titans rescued Nightwing and Raven.

After this incident, she hung a white cape reflecting her newly purified personality.

She now studies her own emotions and expressed them at will. At first, she thought she loved Nightwing, but soon she realized that it was another kind of love.

Raven dated Eric Forrester for a while, but in fact she was being used by him. Forrester was the soul vampire wanting Raven’s soul. She was rescued by Jericho, Titans’ member.

-With Deathstroke

There was an incident that the current and past members of the Titans have been hunted by a group called the Wildebeest Society.

To track them, Nightwing, Troia, Panther, Phantasm, Arella and Red Star joined forces with Titans’ enemy, the assassin Deathstroke. They were shocked to find out that the leader of the Wildebeest was Jericho, who was their member.

The souls of Azarath regained their strength and joined with Jericho shortly after the second defeat of Trigon. The souls needed a powerful host to revive. Jericho, possessed by this power, sought out for superhumans.

During the movement of souls, Jericho regained his sense for a moment and begged his father Deathstroke to kill him. The Souls of Azarath were twisted and started to destroy Jericho.

Deathstroke, who saved the remaining Titans, had to kill Jericho immediately to ease his pain. Raven has completely disappeared.

-The Evil Incarnation

Arella and Phantasm were killed while they defeated the evil Raven, but they were reincarnated as Phantasm by combining with the Souls of Azarath. Soon, the evil version of Raven appeared. She planted the unborn children of Trigon into new hosts.

Nightwing attempted to bring back the Titans. However, the relationship between Starfire and Nightwing has been distant, and old friends have become crippled or dead.

Impulsively, he proposed to Starfire, but the wedding was interrupted by Raven’s evil incarnation. Starfire left Earth with Raven’s seed inside her. Starfire did not know it, but by leaving the planet she got out of the evil Raven’s influence and became to incubate the seed of the good Raven.

She planted the seeds of Trigon into Supergirl, Beast Boy, Magenta, Deathwing, Thunder and Lightning. Eventually, Raven and her demonic colleagues came up against the Titans.

The Titans were able to defeat the evil incarnation of Raven with the help of Phantasm.


In the meantime, Cyborg joined his consciousness to the Technis, a machine-race who was dying. As a result Cyborg became Cyberion and tried to destroy Raven’s good incarnation in the body of Starfire by holding hands with the evil version of Raven that was revived again.

The evil Raven prompted the Vega planetary system to collide, resulting in the destruction of Starfire’s planet Tamaran, along with Technis.

Finally, the Titans, who completely destroyed the evil Raven, restored her to a new body. Raven, Minion, and Beast Boy were selected as Cyberion’s travel companions and remained in space. However, Raven, fearing Cyberion, left her friends and returned to Earth.

Raven helped Titans again in all the clashes between Technis in the past and present. And she wandered the world in a state of soul.


Raven’s soul was reborn as a teenage girl by the Church of Blood.

The New Teen Titans found that the Church of Blood worships Trigon. They also found the prophecy that the marriage between Brother Blood and Raven brings the Armageddon. Those who stopped the wedding has extricated Raven.

She joined the Teen Titans and went to high school in the name of Rachel Ross. Reborn Raven became the favorite with Beast Boy.

As Spectre, the supernatural being symbolizing the wrath of God, destroys the magic, the magic power of Raven was weakening.

In Greece and the Himalayas, she fought with Black Adam. During the fight Black Adam broke her soul and she experienced a strong psychic reaction with the deaths of Young Frankenstein and Terra.


Raven ended her love with Beast Boy and left the Titans. She told unconscious Cyborg that Beast Boy was stressed as the leader of the team. Members thought she was leaving because of Beast Boy, but she actually left because she knew a secret of one of the members.

Raven, who has been teleporting all night chased by a tracker, had the diskette containing Jericho’s soul. She performed a ritual of cleansing his soul and implanted it into a new body before she returned to the team.

Robin and Wonder Girl asked Raven to resurrect Super Boy too, like in the case of Jericho, but she said that it is impossible because the soul of Super Boy was already in the afterlife.

-Titans vs. Titans

While Jericho’s soul was in the disk, the Titans East, led by Deathstroke, caught the Teen Titans. Riddler’s daughter Enigma and Joker’ Daughter, psychologically tortured Raven. She was able to escape by offering Joker’s Daughter to join the Titans.

Raven, Joker’ Daughter and Cyborg, who knocked down Enigma and Risk, got support from Nightwing, Danna Troy, Beast Boy, and Flash (Bart Allen).

After defeating the Titans East, Raven gave the hint that she still loves Beast Boy, but he was suspicious and did nothing about it.

-Attack of the Brothers

After Bart Allen’s death, Raven decided to leave the team with the Titans who became adults.

Raven and other Titans are attacked by demons sent by Trigon.

Raven discovered that Trigon had more children and that they were behind the attack. The three children put the Titans in trouble to hook Raven.

They used Beast Boy as the key to open the entrance to the area of Trigon and were able to steal a few remaining traits of Trigon before the door was closed.

When they returned, Raven fell into the temptation of evil and joined the Brothers. But the Titans succeeded to knock down Trigon’s sons and get the good side of Raven back.


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