Red Hood – Batman

Red Hood Batman
Division: DC Character
World: Prime Earth
Real Name: Jason “Jay” Todd
Also Known As: Robin, Wingman
Tendency: Hero / Villain
Affiliations: Batman Family, Batman Incorporated, The Outlaws, All-Caste, League of Assassins
Super Power: None
Ability: Escaping skill, Criminology, Shooting skill, Intimidating skill, investigation skill, Various language, Martial arts, Hiding, Fencing, Tracking
Weapons, Equipment: Red hood helmet, Guns, Utility belts,
All-Blades: A pair of mysterious blades made of copper that can kill even the immortal. It is driven by wearer’s blood.
First Appearance: Red Hood and the Outlaws # 1 (November, 2011)
Family: Bruce Wayne (Batman, stepfather)
Hometown: Gotham
In Film: None
Category: Batman

About Red Hood

-The Second Robin

Jason Todd (Red Hood) was the son of Catherine Elizabeth and Willis Todd, who lived in the alley, and was a child they got unintentionally. The couple constantly quarreled, and Willis abused his wife and son. So Catherine was suffering from depression and drug addiction.

Joker watched Jason closely. Joker made Willis go to jail, and Willis died in it. Jason tried hard to protect his mother from drug addiction, but she eventually died of overdose. Perhaps she was poisoned by Joker.

Jason was sent to an orphanage and stole to live. One day, he was beaten heavily for stealing and woke up at Dr. Leslie Thompkins’ clinic. Thompkins was kind to him, but Jason stole prescription drugs. Batman caught him, but Thompkins persuaded him not to hand him over to the police. One night Jason tried to steal the wheels of the batmobile, and met Batman again.

Billionaire Bruce Wayne adopted him and revealed his identity as Batman. And because the first Robin, Dick Grayson, went out on his own, he offered Jason to become a new Robin.

-The End of Robin

After six months of intensive training, Jason went out to the scene.

He tried to learn Robin’s legacy well, but there was a problem. It was to fight recklessly while being chased by the memory of his father. Jason was taught several martial arts and fighting skills from Dick Grayson, who became Nightwing, and also met with Roy Harper, Seattle veteran Green Arrow’s sidekick.

Jason, who was on a monitor surveilling mission because of his selfish behavior, found a picture of his mother alive. Finding his mother’s whereabouts, he went to the Middle East with all the means he could do without telling Batman. In fact his mother Catherine was being threatened by Joker and lured her son.

Jason realized that all of the big events in his life were planned by Joker. It was because of his desire to annihilate Batman, to make Robin with his own hand, and then to destroy it.

Joker cruelly beat Jason with a metal crowbar and killed him and his mother all at once with a time bomb. Batman arrived late because Jason used a technique to erase traces. He grabbed Jason’s body at the scene of the bombing.


Ra’s al Ghul, who has been living for a long-time and is a leader of the assassination team, unearthed his body and conserved it in a chemical compound. His daughter Talia al Ghul later restored Jason’s spirit and memory by immersing him in the Lazarus Pit, which contains a mysterious ingredients that revive life.

And asked Ducra, an instructor of an ancient assassin group named All-Caste in Himalayas, to train him. During his stay at All-Caste, Jason fell in love with a girl named Essence.

After leaving All-Caste, Ducra wanted Jason to shake off his anger and move forward. But Jason refused his philosophy and teachings and only thought of revenge on Joker.

He eventually entered the League of Assassins, the assassin group of Ra’s al Ghul, and was trained by Bronze Tiger and Lady Shiva. But he was eventually disappointed to know that the league was only interested in the benefits rather than realizing justice. He eventually left the league and pursued justice elsewhere.

-Forming The Outlaws

Jason interfered with an attempt to smuggle a nuclear submarine into Miami. He was caught in an explosion during the mission, but escaped with an injury. Starfire, an alien hero, took him up and took care of. The two got close quickly talking about their past.

He then rescued Roy Harper, who was stuck in Qurak in the Middle East and was on the brink of execution. The three together formed a mercenary team called the Outlaws. Jason was having sex with Starfire, but Starfire told Roy that it was a sexual relationship without emotional ties. They settled in the Caribbean.

-To The Temple of All-Caste

Essence came to Jason and warned him about the threat that the Untitled was driving, and informed him that the Untitled destroyed all the officers of the All-Caste and took off their organs.

Jason thought this was his own problem and wanted to go alone. Roy, however, went up with Jason to the Himalayas, and Starfire flew around for watching.

Jason sniped Suzie Su and her partner who were trying to attack him. And found that all the villagers were slaughtered. The villagers began to move again and attacked Jason. Jason fought without a gun to respect them, but Roy and Starfire killed these zombies. Jason sat down and prayed for them.

When they entered a room of a temple, a giant monster attacked and starfire was swallowed. Jason, who fought the monster, found something and picked it up. It was a snowball of Colorado. Meanwhile, Starfire tore the monster’s stomach and slipped out of the room grabbing Jason and Roy. Jason wondered what this snowball meant and why the Untitled left it, but he could not find the answer.

They were able to get information about the Untitled in the Chamber of All, but they needed to give memories to the 4,000-year-old supervisor, S’aru, to get in. Jason’s memories was a memory of one evening when he was Robin, Bruce having a rest with him when Jason could not fight because he caught cold.

-Fight with the Untitled

The Outlaws went to Middleton, Colorado. Jason entered the bar, and a policeman tried to drag him and Roy. Suddenly the Police officer turned into a member of the Untitled, Crux, and attacked. And there was a big explosion outside. Jason fought the Crux and Roy ran to save Starfire.

During fighting, Jason fell into ice water. Jason remembered the memory of his training days. Ducra then told him to start a new trip if he wants to be special.

Jason got out of the ice hole and vowed not to be possessed about killing Joker anymore. He hurt himself to put the blood on his weapon All-Blades.

Jason set a new goal of killing Crux and killing all the Untitles.

Crux’s ability was to keep people away, but people began to flock because he was dead. They had no choice but to think that Jason had killed the police officer, so he rushed off with Roy and Starfire. Jason left Crux in the Arkham Asylum.

The Outlaws stole Crux’ plane. When Essence reappeared, Jason stabbed her with All-Blades, saying she was responsible for the killing of the All-Caste. Essence said that Ducra is her mother, and she became the members of the Untitled, with a goal to kill all the Untitled, and then disappeared again.

-Activity at Gotham

Jason thought about contacting Isabel, a flight attendant he had met before, but he did not because he tought there wouldn’t be anything good in her life if he did.

The Outlaws went to Gotham, and then struck again with Suzie Su who was shot by Jason and was in a coma for while. It was found out that Jason has been provided resources with money from the seven organizations in Hong Kong. As Jason destroyed the seven organizations, new organizations emerged to fill the space, and one of them was the organization of Suzie Su and Familia De Flores. While Roy and Starfire were rescuing the hostage, Jason fought Suzie and killed her putting a bullet in her head.

When they were about to leave Gotham, they recieved the communications for the Batman family from the Court of Owls, the group secretly dominating Gotham, to stop the assassination on Gotham’s 40 key figures. There was also a message from Jason’s next Robin, Tim Drake, asking Jason to help him. It was already a month or two ago. Jason apologized to Tim, and Tim forgave.

Jason reluctantly went out to stop one of the undead assassins of the Court of Owls, Talon, from attacking Villain Mr. Freeze. Jason interrupted this fight, but missed Talon while dealing with Mr. Freeze. Jason chased hard and was able to catch up with Talon in Haley’s empty circus site.

Talon introduced his name as Xiao Long and asked Jason to kill himself. Jason could not refuse his request. Jason handed Mr. Freeze who Starfire and Roy had defeated to Batgirl, who always had a crush on him.

-Activity in space

Jason eventually spent all night chatting with the flight crew, Isabel. But suddenly the aliens attacked, and Jason began fighting to protect Isabel. Starfire in the hotel room ran out and introduced that the alien is her friend Orn.

Orn informed Starfire that there is a problem with the planet Tamaran. Orn teleported The Outlaws and Isabel to Starfire’s spacecraft. When the ship began fighting with aliens, Jason tried to reassure Isabel that she is safe.

Starfire, who defeated the aliens, explained the situation of herself and the planet Tamaran. Roy apologized to Isabel for having her involved in the trouble, but Jason seemed happy to be with her.

They left to rescue Tamaran from the hand of Blight, with Starfire’s sister Blackfire and crews of the ship. Jason was caught by Blight, but Orn saved him. The Outlaws returned to Earth on a new spacecraft as Starfire’s man suicide bombed running the old ship toward Blight’s mothership. But without them noticing, Joker sneaked into the Outlaws’ hideout and stole a Red Hood helmet.

The Outlaws, returning to Earth, encountered Superman. Jason said that one of the few things he feared was Superman. They teleported to Earth, but Superman was already there waiting.

The Outlaws attacked Superman, but it was useless because he was so powerful. Superman asked Starfire about the Daemonite race, and Starfire replied that she knows nothing about it. Superman asked them to inform him if anything appears, and left.

-Joker’s Attack

Jason and Isabel arrived at her apartment. While Jason was taking a shower, Isabel fell to the floor with needles all over the place. Joker, disguised as a weather caster, appeared on TV and told Jason that Isabel is still alive.

Dick Grayson called all the family to the Bat Cave, the headquarters. Current Robin, Damian Wayne, expressed concerns about calling Jason, but Bruce told it is sure that Joker knew their identities and would attack them individually.

Jason left but soon got caught by Joker with Red Robin.

Jason realized that Joker had effectively harassed his life. Obviously Joker wanted Robin to pass the line that Batman does not pass. Joker refused to give more detailed information and stunned the two. Everyone was subjected to a gas attack that makes them to kill each other in the Bat Cave, but they were immune with trust and love for each other.

-Reconciliation With The Past

Jason returned to Wayne’s mansion to say goodbye. He had a conversation with Dick, Damian, Alfred, and Bruce, and then wore the Red Hood helmet. By the way, Joker’s hologram came out from the helmet.

Joker told them to see how Jason smiles and laughing gas started spraying from his helmet. Jason started laughing furiously, and everyone ran to help, but it was too late. Jason, who burned his face, fell on the floor. Jason’s condition was not good due to an acid bomb Joker had put in his helmet.

Jason, who met Ducra in a dream, had to choose whether to live a life of the past, or leave it and live for the future. Recognizing that he loves his friends, he chose the future and woke up. He tried to apologize to Bruce, who was caring by the bedside, but Bruce just gave him a hug.

-Death of Robin

Bruce, who wanted to give Jason a new chance, invited him to join him in the name of Wingman in the Batman Incorporated. Jason joined on condition that he would not reveal his identity to others, and partnered with Damian. Damian also used the name Redbird, but he did not know who Wingman was.

Damian, who later knew about the identity of his partner, was confused. But Jason did not get along with the Batman company a lot and was not there when Damian was murdered. However, when he saw Bruce’s pain on the fourth Robin’s death, Jason seemed to understand his mind a bit when he died.

Bruce took Jason on a mission to stop mercenaries in Ethiopia. It was an attempt by Bruce to bring Jason to where he was dead, to remind him of his memory, and to revive Damian in that way. Angered Jason fought Bruce, but eventually stopped fighting and got back in his car alone. And he disappeared.

-Erasing Memory

Roy and Starfire headed to the temple of the All-Caste to search for missing Jason.

They fought with strange creatures, then Jason showed up and rescued them. But Jason did not remember his friends. Jason, after fighting Bruce, immediately came to S’aru to ask him to remove the painful memories of his life. As a result, his memory of friends, enemies, colleagues, and experiences were all gone.

S’aru sent the memory of the moment he saved Roy before Jason chased after his mother to Jason’s mind. Jason told them to start fresh from now, but Roy stunned him and teleported away.

Returning to their island, Jason opened the file of himself and found out he was a killer in the past. Shocked, he was angry at his friends. Suddenly Green Arrow came over and warned the three that they have a big reward on them. As soon as they heard it, Cheshire of the League of Assassins appeared and targeted Jason. She tried to catch him, but Starfire caught Cheshire and flew out of the island. Cheshire teleported and disappeared.

-League of Assassins vs. Untitled

While Roy was receiving counseling from Dr. Hugo Strange, Jason, who was driving outside, was attacked by members of the League of Assassins. They told him to go with them saying that they do not want to kill him. Jason accepted, thinking that it was an opportunity to know who he was.

They took Jason to the league’s city, ‘Eth Alth’Eban. Bronze Tiger told Jason to start a new life as a new leader in the League of Assassins.

They said Jason was the only person to know how to save the league from the Untitled, but Jason said he does not know how to get rid of them because he had lost his memories.

When Lady Shiva threatened, Roy appeared and destroyed the city gate. Roy seemed to have an advantage but soon got caught by Jason and the league.

Jason decided to lead the league in order not to kill his friends. Soon the battle began as the Untitled attacked. Jason threw the leader of the Untitled into the Well Of Sins and abolished all abilities. Then he died immediately.

Lady Shiva began killing the Untitled. When Jason showed scorn for the murder of Lady Shiva, the last member of the Untitled said she was R’as al Gkul. He took control of the league again.

Jason was tied to chains. He apologized to Roy and Starfire for his behaviors.

Jason, who was on the brink of his friends being executed, regained his memories and released the Outlaws with Cheshire. And he went into the Well Of Sin to deal with R’as al Ghul.

Jason struggled hard, but eventually knocked out R’as al Ghul and made his powers disappear.

Essence arrived and helped the Outlaws escape, and brought them all to the room. Essence expressed gratitude and asked Jason to participate in the reconstruction of the All-Caste. But Jason refused and left with his friends.

-Activities with Batgirl

When the director James Gordon was imprisoned on a faulse blame, Bruce asked James to watch Batgirl who had left for Brazil in anger to find evidences herself.

Whiled the two were trying to catch the doctor who hypnotized Gordon, they unexpectedly met Batwoman on the spot. It was a factory where criminals make children hide drugs in toys to carry. The three destroyed the factory and rescued the children, but failed to capture an evidence.

Gordon’s innocence was revealed and he was released, but a massive uprising took place in Gotham City, and all the heroes were in charge of rescuing the citizens. Jason and Batgirl were trapped inside the collapsing building. At the moment Jason was about to confess his love, thinking that it may be the last moment, but Batman’s colleague Talon (Calvin Rose) showed up and rescued the two.

-The Resurrection of Damian

When Bruce left alone for Apocalypse to reclaim Damian’s body, Robin and Batgirl decided to follow Batman and kidnapped Cyborg to make him open a Boom Tube to Apocalypse.

Bruce and the reunites knew that Darkseid was trying to use Chaos Crystal and Damian’s sarcophagus as a power source of the weapon Chaos Canon. Darkseid was up to take revenge. However, Bruce, who secured Damian’s sarcophagus, absorbed Darkseid’s omega rays with crystal fragments and escaped using Cyborg’s Boom Tube. Bruce succeeded in resurrecting Damian by putting the fragments of Crystal into Damian’s chest.

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