Red Robin – DC

Red Robin DC
Division: DC Character
World: Prime Earth
Real Name: Timothy “Tim” Drake
Tendency: Hero
Affiliations: Batman Family, Batman Incorporated, Teen Titans
Super Power: None
Ability: IQ 142 intelligence, Martial arts, Gymnastics, Computer skills, Disguise skills, Detective skills, Leadership, Strategic tactics
Weapon, Equipment: Utility belt, R mark which can be a hook and knife, Arrow gun, Capsules such as vomit gas and anesthetic gas, Night vision mask, Glider cape
First Appearance: Teen Titans # 1 (November, 2011)
Occupation: Vigilante
Hometown: Gotham City
In Film: None
Categories: Batman, Teen Titans

About Red Robin

-New Robin

Tim Drake (Red Robin) was an excellent gymnast, a genius boy who was always looking for something new and challenging in his daily life. He was concentrating on revealing the identity of Batman. Batman realized how close this boy came, and often threatened or frustrated him. But Tim was getting closer and closer.

One day, Tim played a trick on Penguin’s bank account to show off his skill. However, Penguin who found it out attacked Tim’s house with his men. Fortunately, thanks to Batman, Tim and his parents was able to be safe. However, in order to prevent retaliation of Penguin, Tim’s parents had to go under the care of the witness protection program. Tim realized his mistake and tearfully separated from his parents.

Eventually, Batman uncovered his identity as Bruce Wayne and suggested Tim to be Robin. However, Tim took the name Red Robin to pay tribute to former Robin, Jason Todd.


while Tim was monitoring news about Kid Flash and some young supermen at the penthouse in Rex Towers, New York City, his house has been infiltrated by an organization called N.O.W.H.E.R.E.

Templar, an agent of N.O.W.H.E.R.E., suggested him to work together tracking down other young superhumans. But Tim refused and jumped out of the balcony, exploding the apartment.

Tim approached Cassie Sandsmark, aka Wonder Girl, who was a target of N.O.W.H.E.R.E.

When a helicopter attacked them, they were able to destroy it and escape. Tim explained her about N.O.W.H.E.R.E. and spent a night at Cassie’s house.

In the morning, Tim read an article about a girl who lives in Los Angeles, who is probably a superhuman. The two who visited the girl’s house heard from her sister Claudin that her sister had turned into a spider like creature and that there were already people who seemed like government agents.

Tim found brothers who teleports through each other when he ran into the sewer chasing agents of N.O.W.H.E.R.E. While fighting was taking place and Tim seemed to be superior, a third brother appeared asking for help being attacked by Skitter, Claudin’s younger sister.

Tim tried to stop Skitter from killing the brothers, but Skitter also attacked Tim. Wonder Girl arrived just in time and helped Tim overcome Skitter.

-Meeting Bunker

Tim took a train camouflaged, taking Skitter surrounded by a cocoon. During the ride, a boy named Miguel Barragan jumped on the train. Tim knocked him down, who was sitting next to him, but he was also a superhuman.

When Tim told that he is Red Robin, Miguel said he is an avid fan of Red Robin. Miguel used the name Bunker and had the ability to create purple structures.

However the train stopped at the wrong place. Tim realized that the entire village was under mental control. While he was investigating who was doing this, Bunker had to protect Skitter and confront the crowd alone.

Despite Tim found out the the fact that it was the giant artificial intelligence brain Detritus, Detritos erased Tim’s memories and made him return to Bunker. Tim, Bunker, and Skitter immediately left the place.

-Organizing the Teen Titan

The three arrived at Tim’s another apartment in New York. Tim used Danny the Street, a superhero who is surroundings of a city itself, to penetrate N.O.W.H.E.R.E.’s detention facilities and rescue Kid Flash.

Kid Flash brought Solstice, who was being caught in his next room. Kid Flash talked with Tim to organize a team against N.O.W.H.E.R.E.

Those who formed the Teen Titans watched Superboy fighting Wonder Girl in Times Square on television. Except for Skitter, who is still having a hard time accepting her changes, the rest went to Times Square.

But Superboy was powerful. In front of the Teen Titans who barely let go of Superboy, Jocelyn Lure led the police and tried to arrest them. But Skitter appeared and helped.

When Kid Flash’s state became unstable, Tim went to the New York branch of S.T.A.R. Labs and called Static. While Red Robin, Static, and Solstice took care of Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, Bunker, and Skitter were dealing with the superhuman called Grymm. Kid Flash, who received a suit that stabilizes his ability from the S.T.A.R. Labs, rushed to defeat Graham.


The Teen Titans decided to save Super Boy from N.O.W.H.E.RE., and had Danny the Street take over the base of N.O.W.H.E.R.E.. While the members were fighting the agents of N.O.W.H.E.R.E., the team was gathering evidences of the N.O.W.H.E.R.E. kidnapping superhumans. Finally, those who rescued Super Boy met with Harvest, the manager of N.O.W.H.E.R.E..

The Teen Titans woke up at Colony in the basement of N.O.W.H.E.R.E.. This was where many young humans and superhumans fight each other.

Tim, aparted from their friends, met with Artemis, Thunder and Lightning (brother and sister). After reuniting with the members except for disappeared Skitter, Leash, a member of the Ravager (the army of Harvest) took them to Crucible, another part of Colony. In here the Teen Titans met a team from the future, Legion of Super Heroes.

While the Teen Titans and the Legion of Super Heroes were fighting against each other, Leash put Artemis, Thunder, Lightning, Terra and Beast Boy into the arena. The fight stopped, but another prisoner, Fist Point, killed Artemis. Tim swore revenge on Harvest.

-Collapse of Colony

The Teen Titans, the Legions, and those who decided to act together, defeated other superhumans and then confronted the Ravager. Tim offered them to surrender, but Ravager’s Rose Wilson rather encouraged Tim to join N.O.W.H.E.R.E.. When he refused, Rose swong a sword on Tim’s face, but Kid Flash saved him.

The heroes succeeded in defeating the Ravager, and finally Harvest appeared to face them himself. The Teen Titans attacked Harvest while the Legion were up to rescue trapped people who were left. When Crucible began to collapse as a result of the performance of the Legion, Harvest flew and fled.

The Teen Titans was barely able to survive in the Crucible, then they found that the place where they were trapped was a Mystery Island where dinosaurs live.

Tim who felt guilty about Skitter and Artemis told Bunker that he would disband the team. And then Bunker picked up a brick and found that it is Danny. As everyone searched and gathered pieces together, Danny left the text on the ground. It said it was an honor to fight together, and he would like to send them safely to New York for the last time. But the proposal meant that Danny dies in the process. Wonder Girl persuaded the members to accept Danny’s proposal because he knew the danger and chose it himself.

Tim thanked Danny for everything he had done and was teleported all the way to New York.

-Clash with Damian

When the Batman family gathered at Wayne’s mansion to draw portraits, Tim and Robin Damian collided. Damian declared that someday he would prove himself to be the best Robin. Not long after, Damian attacked each of them and took souvenirs.

Tim encountered Damian in the Batcave. Damian pointed out Tim’s fault that he wasn’t be able to save Artemis.

-The Full Scale Attack of Joker

The Batman family reunited to neutralize toxins in the Gotham waterworks which Joker had done. However, Tim was kidnapped by Joker. Joker caught Tim and Jason’s fathers and forced them to fight each other if they want to save their fathers. But Tim inferred that they are not really their fathers.

But to Joker who anticipated all of this, Tim and Jason were knocked down and fell into the cave, losing consciousness.

Joker tied Tim, Batman, Dick, Jason, Barbara and Damian, all of them sitting at the table, and tricked them that he had stripped off their faces. Joker tried to prove that Batman loves himself more than the family.

However it turned out that Batman was hiding that Joker had broken into the bat cave before. After Batman defeated Joker, the family was angry that Batman deceived them because he did not believe them. Tim returned to New York where the Teen Titans was.

When his son Damian died, Batman, who was in pain, began to move away from the family.

He caught Frankenstein and tried to invert his immortality to revive Damian. Tim got contact by butler Alfred and stopped the plan.

-The Advent of Trigon

Devil Trigon sensed the existence of the Silent Armor, owned by Wonder Girl.

He planned to destroy all of Teen Titans’ reputation and relationship, and tried to destroy the team from the inside by possessing Tim. So Tim acted strange like kissing Solstice and seducing Wonder Girl.

When Trigon arrived at Times Square, Silent Armor wrapped Wonder Girl and immediately moved to Times Square. The Other members, Beast Boy, mentalist and murderer Psimon, and Trigon’s daughter Raven joined the fight. Dozens were killed.

Trigon was not even an opponent even when everybody joined the forces. But eventually, Tim gave a wound to Trigon, causing him to retreat. Raven explained that Trigon was deliberately testing Tim. And said the actions he made Tim to do to Wonder Girl and Solstice were also a part of it.

-Future Trip

When the Justice League was defeated by the Crime Syndicate from the Earth-3, the Teen Titans was looking for a way to defeat them themselves. However, They could not find the way to defeat a speed fighter Johnny Quick, and Atomica who is getting miniaturized. Johnny Quick sent all of the Teen Titans to the flow of time.

They have been sent through several ages and ended up in the near future. There Superboy and Superboy (Jon Lane Kent) of that era met and fought. In the hope of changing the history, Beast Boy of the future, sent along Jon Lane Kent, who was injured, in camouflage as Superboy.

The next they arrived was the original age of Kid Flash. In this world he was a nominee. Jon Lane Kent, who woke up in the hospital without knowing what was going on, attacked Wonder Girl, who was nursing by his side. Wonder Girl easily overpowered him, but everyone just thought he was acting strange, not knowing that he was a fake.

In the trial, Kid Flash was convicted of his guilt and imprisoned in the most dangerous Takron Galtos prison. Solstice also entered voluntarily, saying that she could not leave him alone. Jon Lane Kent also left the Teen Titans to find his goal.

Tim confessed Wonder Girl the feelings of love that he had been suppressing for years. Tim, Wonder Girl, and Raven were able to return to their own timeline, and reunited the Teen Titans with Bunker and Beast Boy. It was also found that the scientists at S.T.A.R. Labs had treated Skitter’s mutation.

-Harper and Spoiler

Tim began investigating children in District Narrows of Gotham City as they suffered from the Nanobot epidemic. A girl named Harper Row, whose younger brother had this epidemic, acted herself, but Tim was not happy with her help.

But Harper, an electrical engineer, had the capacity to even save Batman once. Tim admired Harper’s computer skills, which even hacked his hi tech computer. After discovering that Harper was hiding on his airplane heading to Asia looking for a nanobot maker, he decided to act together.

While Gotham’s security situation was getting more and more chaotic, Tim took Harper around and trained her as much as he could, and Harper saved him when he was infected with the nanobots.

After all been done, Tim and Spoiler, the girl who played a big part in saving the city of crisis by exposing her father’s crime plan, fell for each other at first glance, and became lovers.

-The Resurrection of Damian

When Batman left for Apocalypse (the world in another dimension dominated by Darkseid) to revive Damian, Robin and Batgirl decided to follow Batman so they kidnapped Cyborg. Because Cyborg had the Boom Tube to go to Apocalypse. They made Cyborg to open Boom Tube.

In Apocalypse, they reunited with Batman, and fought against Darkseid to recover Damian’s body. Batman absorbed Darkseid’s Omega Ray into fragments of Chaos Crystal and then escaped using Cyborg’s Boom Tube. Batman succeeded in resurrecting Damian by putting the Crystal fragment into Damian’s chest.

-New team

Tim, who dismantled the Teen Titans and returned to Gotham at Batman’s request, put on a new costume instead of a flying suit. Batman appointed Bat Woman as the chief of staff, and selected Tim, Spoiler, Orphan, and Clay Face as team members to uncover the identity of those who have been watching Gotham’s vigilantes.

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