Rip Hunter – DC

Rip Hunter
Division: DC Character
World: New Earth
Real Name: Carter; He did not reveal his name.
Also Known As: Ripley “Rip” Hunter, Richard Hunter, Time Master, Hunter
Tendency: Hero
Affiliations: Time Masters, Forgotten Heroes, Linear Men, Booster Gold International
Super Power: None
Ability: Scientific knowledge of space-time continuum, quantum theory, energy, materials, etc.
Weapons, Equipment: Time Sphere (Time Machine)
Time Pack (One-time portable time machine), Blackboard, Laser gun
First appearance: Showcase # 20 (May 1959)
Occupation: Time Traveler
Family: Michael Jon Carter (Booster Gold, Father), Michelle Carter(Gold Star, aunt), Jonar Carter (Super Nova, Grandfather), Daniel Carter(Super Nova, Ancestor)
In Film: None
Category: DC Hero

About Rip Hunter

-Time Machine Research

Rip Hunter and his close friend, Jeffrey Smith, were doing research to formulate the theory of time travel in college. They wanted their research credited and receive support fund, but the outstanding rival, John Charles James, developed a new type of rocket engine so that they could not receive the fund. Rip and Jeffrey’s research needed a power element that does not melt in order their research to be completed. Like a miracle, they found it in a pile of volcanic ash. After receiving the fund, Rip and Jeffrey continued their research, but after they got their Ph.D., they discovered how to replicate the power factor and created a time machine called Time Sphere. Their research team have recruited Bonnie Baxter and her sister Corky, who have just graduated from the department of history.

After doing commissioning test to the age of dinosaurs, they embarked on business. They looked at the past history directly and produced computer files containing the data. They have added a number of functions on uniforms, including interpretation discs, which can be used to communicate with people of all ages and countries.

-Secret of the Universe

Finally, Rip Hunter began his journey to figure out the birth of the universe. But when they arrived, they found a strange temple. However, those who fainted due to strange noises awoke from their own times. And surprisingly, they were very old.

Immortal Man, who was supplementing members of the team called Forgotten Heroes, visited them. Vandal Savage, who has been living from prehistoric times, discovered and used the temples that these heroes had seen. Rip and his crew went to the past with Superman to destroy the first temple and the remaining temples. As the plan succeeded, Rip and his crew were return to their own age.

-Expert Time Traveler

As the universe of all dimensions united, the Rip became a person who existed outside of time. No one remembers that he existed, and even his old travel companions did not remember the past. Rip became a Time Master, an expert in time travel.

He began his reckless time travel to find a way to break the barrier that sealed the other universes. The Linear Men, a time police officer from the future, was impressed by Rip’s motivation and recruited him to the team. Rip’s hair turned white and he received the biotransplantation to protect himself from the stress of the time travel. He watched the flow of time in the Linear Men and only went for the operation when it is necessary to prevent the flow of time from changing.

-Barrier of time

Waiting for the time, Rip left the other linear men and defeated Time Travel Villain Gog with Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. As a result, he was finally able to break down the barriers of hypertime (structures of time that cover all time zones beyond normal time). In hypertime, all dimensions were still present. Due to the cracking of the barriers, Rip opened the doors of infinite possibilities that leads to various time zones.

Thanks to this action, Alexander Luthor Jr. of Earth 3, Superman of Earth 2, Supremeboy-Prime of the prime Earth were able to escape from their refuge. But immediately, the Linear Men and Rip died in a battle with Imperiex, the incarnation of entropy. Their consciousness remained alive and formed a body, but they went mad because of the experience. The Linear Men were disassembled and Rip disappeared into the whirlwind.

-Collaboration with superheroes

The name Rip Hunter is actually a pseudonym. Rip hid his personal information such as his real name and birthplace from the fear that someone might go back to the past and kill the young himself.

He became known as the inventor of time travel technology and helped superhero Booster Gold and Animal Man travel on time. Rip fell out of prehistoric times. After returning to the modern world in an unknown way, he began to protect Earth’s heroes from time traveling villains. It is well known that Rip helped a hero team called the Justice Society to fight Per Degaton.

-52 universes

Rip, who witnessed the birth of the new Multiverse(the universe which has multiple dimensions), assisted preventing Mr. Mind from destroying the Multiverse. The caterpillar Mr. Mind evolved into an almost omnipotent being eating the universes.

Rip revealed to Booster Gold and Booster’s ancestor, Daniel Carter (Supernova), the fact that Alexander Luthor Jr. escaped from his dimension, dividing the multiverse into 52 spaces. Mr. Mind tried to eat all 52 of these universes.

Rip was able to defeat a new form of Mr. Mind by damaging Blue Beetle’s artificial intelligence, Scarab, and Booster Gold’s artificial intelligence computer, Skeets. Booster and Daniel sneaked into the gap of time and threw Skeets, which had Mr. Mind in it, into the flow of time. Rip, who succeeded in saving 52 universes, warned others to keep the secret for the multiverse.

-Crisis of the Justice League

Two months later, Rip nagged at Booster who were up to get popular. And asked him to help repair the broken parts of the time due to Mr. Mind and Superboy-Prime. Booster refused at first, but later changed his mind on the condition that Rip breaks the rules of time travel and allows to save the second Blue Beetle (Ted Kord).

On their first assignment, they discovered that unidentified beings are changing the origins of the Justice League members. Eventually it was revealed that their identities were Booster’s father, Jon Carter, and a time master trainee, Rex Hunter. They were trying to get super heroes off and use their knowledge of the future to become global hero themselves.

They set up a lightning rod on Barry Allen’s (The Flash) lab to prevent The Flash and Kid Flash from having birth. But Booster restored the time line of the Flashes. Rex Hunter was caught, and Jon Carter got hit by lightning and was sent to somewhere.

-The Secret of Rip Hunter

Rip brought Booster’s dead sister, Michelle Carter, for Booster from the time before her death. In fact Booster was Rip’s father. The time master, Booster, trained young Rip, and Rip is training the current Booster from the future. However, Rip kept all these things secret for him and Booster’s safety.

Superman and Green Lantern called Rip and Booster to find Batman who had gone past by Darkseid’s Omega Beams. While searching from the Paleolithic era to the Vanishing Point, a world outside the space-time, they witnessed the end of time instead of Batman. Returning to the 21st century without results, Rip found on his chalkboard that someone wrote down a number of messages about the future.

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