Sersi – Marvel

Division: Marvel Character
Real Name: Sersi
Also Known As: Circe, Mesmer, Sorceress, Sylvia Sersi
Tendency: Hero
Affiliation: Eternals, (formerly Avengers, New Breed)
Super Power: Manipulate cosmic energy to fire hot beams and rays from the eyes and hands. Uni-Mind, which is a mental connection, Does not die unless the body’s atoms are scattered, Change materials, Mind control, Tactile, Telepathy
Ability: Martial arts, Wrestling, Dancing, Fashion, Many Languages.
First Appearance: Eternals # 3 (September, 1976)
Occupation: Adventurer, Wizard
Hometown: Olympia, Greece
Family: Helios (father), Perse (mother), Sprite (cousin), Arex (cousin), Ikaris (cousin)
In Film: None
Category: Avengers

About Sersi


Sersi is a third or fourth generation of the Eternals, the evolved race of the human race. He was also the daughter of Helios and Perse and was born after the Flood, which destroyed the continents of Atlantis and Lemuria during the Ice Age.

Young Sersi had a strong desire to live among humans.

When in the ancient Mesopotamian era, she first met Captain America, who was on a time travel. At this time, she looked like a child, but was already a thousand years old.

A few thousand years later, Sersi met the poet Homer in ancient Greek times. Homer later wrote a literary work called Odyssey, which he wrote about Circe with a model of Sersi.

The biggest difference she has with other Eternities is that she lived with humankind. Sersi has lived in several places, including Rome of Nero and Camelot of King Arthur.

-Independent living

In modern times, she became a lover with an anthropologist in New York City University, Dr. Samuel Holden, a member of the Eternals.

Although they did not participate in the party held by Eternals who favored party, they proved to be Eternals’ side participating in a fight with the rival race Deviants. However, Sersi acted independently and frequently was absent to the Eternals’ call.

Domo sent Delphan Brothers to bring all the Eternals to Olympia. It was to form the Uni-Mind to discuss their future. Serci decided not to continue to attend regardless of the result.

Delphan Brothers, a guest of the party hosted by Sersi, did not know, but the Avengers’ Wasp and Starfox were also there as guests, causing them to spoil the party. Sersi sang a delight inside.

Most Eternals decided to leave the planet and go into space, but Sersi chose to remain.


Shortly afterwards, Captain America thought it is necessary for the Avengers to have a member who is able to make an Illusions or to transform.

When he found the address of Seris in the Avengers database, he asked for help. Seris, who had a vision for Captain America, pleasedly accepted the offer and gave him an invitation to dinner.

When fellow eternals Forgotten One had a serious injury while serving in the Avengers, Captain America asked Sersi to become a formal member of the Avengers, and as she had fun with heroic activities, she accepted this offer to be together.

-Mental influence

When the alien race Brethren attacked the planet, Sersi formed the Uni-Mind with the Brethren’s leader Thane Ector.

The Uni-Mind between the different races was forbidden because it could damage the mind of the Eternals.

Later, Sersi became increasingly belligerent and when the war broke out between the Kree and the Shi’ar Empire, she attempted to kill the Kree’s leader, the Artificial Intelligence Supreme Intelligence. This militancy maybe was due to the manipulation of the being in a different dimension, Proctor, who was driven out by Sersi.

During this time, Serge began dating Black Knight (Dane Whitman).

They did not know, but Proctor was actually Black Knight of the other dimension. Sersi’s belligerent character has caused conflict between her and her teammates. This conflict was also due to the fact that the new member Crystal was in a triangular relationship between the two.

When the Avengers went to the Polemachus planet, the conflict reached its peak.

When the cleric Anskar murdered a little girl with cowardice, Sersi got extremely angry and killed him. Returning to Earth, Sersi felt guilty about her rash behavior and fled to Wakanda in Africa to escape from it.

Black Knight found her and persuaded her to return to the Avengers headquarters. Sersi confessed to Black Knight that she was afraid of her going crazy, and the members realized that Proctor certainly made Sersi unstable. Proctor even controlled Sersi to attack his colleagues.

Vision stopped her, but this Vision was actually Anti-Vision, the agent of Proctor. Real Vision was locked in the Andes mountains by Proctor.

-Visit of the Eternals

The Eternals were watching the instability of Sersi, and Ikaris, Arex, and Sprite came to take her to Olympia. The Eternals feared the division of her mind because of her long life.

Sersi refused to go back to their hometown with them, and the Avengers also hated them forcing her against her will. In particular, they knew the plan of the Eternals to “cleanse” her suffering by death and went on a battle.

Sprite knew about Sersi’s feelings for Black Knight and tried to place her in Gann Josin, which is making a soul bond with Black Knight. But Black Knight was less enthusiastic in this way because he felt he loved Crystal, not Sersi.

-Proctor’s dark designs

The Avengers attacked Procter’s Fortress in the Andes mountains, fighting the Kree’s suicide commandos.

Still unstable, Sersi continued to worsen her relationship with several teammates. The Avengers tried to find her problem by calling the former member Hank Pym.

She kept dreaming of a black man attacking a young man who became her friend.

Avengers’ deacon Jarvis tried to get Sersi to speak out her horror, and she sent out the image of Proctor in her mind. Proctor of the image was which Jarvis nor Sersi, had never seen before. He actually had killed Sersi’s young friend.

Proctor contacted NYPD police officers and charged Sersi with murder. The Avengers actually believed that she had done it, and Proctor wanted Sersi to get rid of the Avengers. When the police tried to arrest her, she ran away destroying the Avengers mansion and call Black Knight using Gann Josin. The two of them got ready to fight the Avengers. However, when Sersi threatened Crystal, Black Knight broke Gann Josin bond.

In the shock of his betrayal, Sersi rampaged. Proctor finally approached Sersi, revealing the full picture of his plans. Proctor, who caught her, returned to the base in New York. Sersi disconnected from the Proctor.

-Proctor’s gamble

After the Avengers concluded that Proctor was responsible for her actions, they contacted the ectoplasm of Anti-Vision’s colleague Ute. Ute warned them about Proctor.

Black Knight came to the conclusion that he and Proctor are one and the same. Proctor began his last gambling and attempted to destroy the realities of the multidimensional world using the life energy of Sersi and Ute.

The Avengers and the Eternals’ members Thena and Sprite clashed with Proctor’s team Gatherers.

Black Knight, in the meantime, confronted himself with Proctor in the world of Proctor and defeated him. Sersi was released.

Sersi killed him with Proctor’s knife, and Ute used the ability to restore damage of the Avengers mansion. As the Brooklyn Bridge and various places opened up a gap to another dimension, Sersi went into it herself to remove the curse of Proctor.

Black Knight also decided to be with her. Both of them went to another Ultraverse, which was similar to the reality but different, but they broke apart from each other in the gap of dimension.


Sersi fell to the equatorial Africa of Ultraverse, and Black Knight fell to Miami.

Sersi was infused into one of the gems of legendary Infinity Gem, an embodiment of the universe of Infinity. The other six jewels were with Loki of Asgard.

Sersi’s strong will made her meet with Black Knight again. The gem gave her a day to reconcile with her past and fight.

Black Knight was with Ultra Force, powerful heroes of Ultraverse. He has been trying to contact the Avengers, as he knew that Loki controls the Infinity Gems.

Sersi was sent there because the seventh gem was going to be with the other six gems.

Black Knight and Ultra Force failed to get the jewels from Loki. However, before the seventh gem take complete control of Sersi, Sersi sent them back.

-Avengers vs. Ultra Force

Sersi discovered the existence of Grandmaster, the elder of the universe.

Grandmaster was staying on the Ultraverse to retrieve his Mind Gem.

Grandmaster approached Loki, suggesting a game for the Gems. Loki chose the Ultra Force, Grandmaster chose the Avengers as a game pieces, and Black Knight, the member of both sides, remained as a ‘Wild Card’.

At the end of the game, the six gems were combined into a single, Nemesis, a being with emotions. Nemesis created a strange world by combining elements from the worlds of the Avengers and Ultra Force.

Sersi fell into panic, and the Avengers and the Ultra Force joined forces together to stop her.

After a battle to separate Sersi from the gem, an explosion occurred, causing the Avengers to return to their world, and Ultra Force, Sersi, and Black Knight to the Ultraverse.

-To the earth

Later, Sersi and Black Knight found a way back to Earth, but they accidently went to past. The two who arrived to present at the end of twists and turns in the past, once again broke up.

Black Knight appeared in New York after the Avengers were killed by the wicked spirit Onslaught. He joined the Heroes For Hire.

Sersi appeared in Lemuria, and realized that this was the plan of Ghaur. She also joined the Heroes For Hire. Sersi and Black Knight, who stopped Ghaur’s plan, decided to stay apart for a while.

Returning to Olympia, Sersi joined the New Breed, a new group of Eternals, and helped the Avengers fight the witch Morgan le Faye.

-A normal life

Recently, Sersi stayed in New York City and did not remember her origin or ability. She was hired by Ivan Druig, the deputy prime minister of Vorozheika, which was separated from the Soviet Union. She was in charge of promoting Vorozheika at the embassy.

Ironman asked Sersi to register with the government as an old Avengers member. When Sersi was embarrassed by the question, Ironman later became embarrassed to find that there was no record of Sersi in the Avengers database.

She decided to live an ordinary life instead of the Avengers’ life Ironman proposed or the Eternals’ life.

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