Silver Surfer – Marvel

Silver Surfer Marvel
Division: Marvel Character
Real Name: Norrin Radd
Also Known As: Silver Savage, Skyrider, Sentinel of the Spaceways, Silverado, Chrome Dome, Captain Universe, Dark Surfer, Keeper, Cosmic Wanderer, Carnage Cosmic, Protector of the Universe, Champion of the Universe, Herald of Galactus, of Galactus, Doom-Bringer, Cosmic Messiah,
Tendency: Hero
Affiliation: Heralds of Galactus, The Defenders, Titans Three, Star Masters, The Secret Defenders
Super Power: Power Cosmic allows him able to absorb and fire energy, manipulate the molecules of matter.
Strength, Endurance, Reflexes, Speed, Healing ability.
Can feel the energy of any universe, and do not need to eat or breathe.
The body is covered with a soft silver substance that can withstand the chills of the space travel.
Abilities: Bare hand combat
Weapon, Equipment: Cosmic Surfboard
First appearance: Fantastic Four # 48 (1966)
Occupation: Herald of Galactus, Explorer, Adventurer, Scientist, Philosopher, Pilot
Hometown: Zenn-La (planet)
In Film: Fantastic Four: The Threat of the Silver Surfer (2007)
Category: Marvel Hero

AboutĀ Silver Surfer

-Herald of Galactus

The long living race of the Zenn La planet, Zenn Lavian, has already made utopia several generations ago in which all social ills such as sickness, poverty and war have been removed. Norrin Radd, however, was dissatisfied with their hedonistic lifestyle.

One day, a planetary destructor called Galactus, devouring all the vitality of the planet, came to make Zen La a barren land.

Norrin Radd pleaded for peace. He asked Galactus to leave Zen La and he would find another suitable planet for Galactus. In exchange for the safety of Zen La, Galactus decided to use Radd as his herald forever.

Galactus gave Radd a Cosmic Power and turned him into a silver-covered look, making it easier for him to work. After getting a new name Silver Surfer, Radd left his old lover, Shalla Bal, and left for space.

-To Earth

He served the new master while enjoying the wonders of the universe.

But as time went on, finding the right planet for Galactus became more and more difficult. The moral conscience as a herald was obstructing the performance of his duties.

So Galactus slowly wiped out the spirit of Radd, forcing him to forget about his past.

When Silver Surfer came to Earth’s solar system, the universal being Uatu the Watcher, watching what happened on Earth, tried to hide the existence of the Earth, but Surfer found it.

Watcher taught this to the hero team Fantasic Four, and they came into conflict with Silver Surfer.

When Galactus arrived in the middle of New York, the Fantastic Four tried to get him, but they could not. Watcher sent Human Torch of the Fantastic Four to another galaxy to secure the Ultimate Nullifier, the most powerful weapon in space that Galactus was afraid of.

Galactus, who failed to devour the planet, eventually threw a shield around the earth to prevent Silver Surfer from coming out.

A friend of the Fantastic Four, a blind sculptress Alicia Masters, arrived at the roof top of the studio she rented. She sensed the nobility and loneliness inside Silver Surfer covered in silver, and persuaded him to help the Earth. Silver Surfer was also inspired by Alicia’s pure soul and beauty. He eventually began to confront Galactus with the heroes.

Human Torch brought Ultimate Nullifier to Mr. Fantastic. Embarrassed Galactus surrendered. Before he stepped back, he set up energy shields for the cosmic power and prevented the surfers from leaving Earth. This shield only affected Surfer.

Silver Surfer, unable to cross the shield of Galactus, wandered the Earth.

-Adventure on Earth

Surfer who was wandering the earth fought Alicia Master’s boyfriend Thing who got jealous and also fought and became friends with Dr. Doom. However, Doom locked Silver Surfer up and moved Cosmic Power to himself.

Undoubtedly possessing power, Doom destroyed the Earth until Mr. Fantastic tricked him into going across the Galactus’s shield. The clash of shield and Doom took cosmic power off from Doom and returned it to Silver Surfer.

He transformed Quasimodo, a computer with emotions abandoned by a naughty scientist Mad Thinker, into a human form. But it went crazy and rampaged.

Silver Surfer, who spent a lot of time on Earth, have decided that humankind is a violent and selfish race and decided to become the enemy of the earth himself to elicit the unity of all humanity.

He extensively destroyed the entire planet, and eventually the US military was able to eliminate most of the cosmic energy of Silver Surfer with a Sonic Shark missile based on Mr. Fantastic’s “anti-cosmic flying wing.” Surfer who abandoned the war against mankind began to wander Earth again, and Cosmic Power was replenished.

-The Defenders

Silver Surfer joined forces with the Fantastic Four several times, including when Galactus tried to pounce him again. He tried to make friends with the Hulk, but failed, and got into Loki’s trick and fought Thor. He also fought with evil Zen La scientist Yarro Gort. Silver Surfer also joined the group Defenders along with solitary heroes such as the Hulk, Namor, and Dr. Strange. The Defenders then acted irregularly according to the circumstances at that time.

Silver Surfer left the Defenders from a regular member after the Defenders and the Avengers were tricked to fight each other by both Loki and the demon from the other demention, Dormammu.

Mr. Fantastic used his skills to help Silver Surfer go over the Galactus’s shield. It was possible only once. Out of the earth he returned to Zen La. However, he witnessed that Galactus devastated Zen La with revenge to Silver Surfer’s betrayal.

Silver Surfer came back into the shield once again, finding that demon Mephisto had brought Shalla Bal to Earth. But when Surfer found Shalla Bal, Mephisto sent her back to Zen La.

Silver Surfer donated cosmic energy to Shalla Bal to restore Zen La’s land.

Silver Surfer who helped the Defenders time to time joined forces with Mr. Fantastic, Defenders, and villain Molecule Man, to prevent mighty alien Beyonder from destroying the planet.

-Reconciliation with Galactus

Following the suggestion of Thing that to try to go through the shield once without a surfboard, Silver Surfer was really possible to get out of the earth.

He was able to reconcile with Galactus and ended the expulsion period by rescuing Nova(Frankie Raye), the current herald of Galactus, from the alien species Skrull.

He returned to Zen La with the hope of reuniting with Shalla Bal, but she was an empress of the planet and thought that she could not share her life with Silver Surfer anymore.

Surfer accidentally found a plan of Elders of the Universe to destroy Galactus and the universe. He helped Mantis from Earth and defeated the Elders together. Silver Surfer and Mantis became lovers, but due to the retribution of the Elders, Surfer had to save only one of Mantis or Shalla Bal. He saved Shalla Bal.

Galactus gratefully allowed Silver Surfer to roam the entire universe freely.

Silver Surfer became a lover of Nova who had the same experience and troubles as himself, but after Galactus replaced the Nova’s place with cruel Morg, they fought against him together and Nova died.

-Threat of Thanos

Silver Surfer was involved in a war between the Kree and the Skrull Empire.

Skrulls have restored Super Skrull from coma, and resurrected the transformation ability of queen S’byll which was believed to have been lost in the past.

The Kree empire abducted Silver Surfer and he was absorbed by their ruler, the artificial intelligence “Supreme Intelligence”. Silver Surfer escaped taking the Soul Gem that the Supreme Intelligence used to maintain the union of its minds it had before. As the Supreme Intelligence became temporarily incapacitated, the war suddenly ended.

Thanos took the Soul Gem and created an almighty Infinity Gauntlet that could do anything as desired. Silver Surfer, with many heroes, interfered with Thanos’s plan of killing half of the universe.

-Back to Earth

Silver Surfer discovered that the entire planet of Zen-La, including the people, had disappeared altogether for some reason. he found out that it has been destroyed by the being of the universe called “Other” in the 1940s.

Knowing this, Galactus made the planet and its inhabitants the same for Silver Surfer to return home, and not only Surfer, but also Skrulls, Krees, Mephisto, and even god like Celestials have believed that everything was real.

Silver Surfer returned to Earth, and for a time, regained emotions and had relationship with Alicia Masters. The two had many adventures together, and Galactus was self-destroyed, but soon afterwards he was resurrected. Silver Surfer reconciled with Galactus and decided to stay as a friend, no longer a dependency.

The dying wizard, Yandroth, cursed Silver Surfer, the Hulk, Namor, and Dr. Strange, all of them to be summoned together whenever threatening happens to Earth.

As a result of this situation, the four eventually became more and more crazy, and even tried to dominate the world under the name “The Order”. This led to a struggle between the Order and the Defenders, however the curse was eventually resolved.

When a divine being called Marduk tried to destroy the planet, Silver Surfer and the alien Annunaki tribe gathered and protected the most extraordinary children of the planet. Of these children, Ellie Waters was able to defend the planet, and as the danger passed, this became like it had never happened. But Ellie remembered everything.

Silver Surfer promised to return to Earth every time they needed him, and then left for space.

-Slave of the Sakaar

Silver Surfer was caught in the Sakaar empire, was planted an obedience disc in the spine and became a slave.

Silver Surfer who became a gladiator came into confrontation with The Hulk who had landed on this planet. The Hulk tried to treat Surfer as a friend, but he became angry when Surfer attacked mercilessly.

The Hulk, who almost killed Surfer, destroyed the disc.

Eventually the Hulk and other slaves and gladiators were able to escape by removing the disc using Surfer’s power cosmic. Silver Surfer told the Hulk to go with him, but he refused saying that he has finally found home.

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