Spymaster – Marvel

Division: Marvel Character
Real Name: Unknown
Also Known As: Ted Calloway, Jake Jordan
Tendency: Villain
Affiliated: Espionage Elite
Super Power: None
Ability: Disguise, Spy skill, Fighting, Boxing, Shooting, Acting skill, Martial Arts, etc.
Weapons, Equipment: Various devices and armor
First Appearance: Iron Man # 33 (January 1971)
Occupation: Mercenary, Assassin
In Film: None
Category: Marvel Villain

About Spymaster

-Espionage Elite

Spymaster is a freelance industrial spy and assassin. He said that he once was a boxer, but never have revealed his identity.

He was the leader of the Espionage Elite. They were hired by the criminal organization Zodiac and received orders to sneak into Stark Industries and find out the secrets of owner and genius inventor Tony Stark. But the plan failed by Iron Man.

Zodiac again asked them to get Daredevel but this also failed.

Spymaster helped Aquarius, Capricorn, and Sagittarius to steal the Zodiac Key from Stark.

-Successive Failures

Spymaster was sent to another dimension, the world of Brotherhood of the Ankh, but succeeded in escaping to Earth.

The withdrawals of S.H.I.E.L.D. hired him to assassinate Tony Stark, but again he failed.

Subsequently, Madame Masque hired him to steal the prototype of the energy connection device and had him kidnap Betsy Cave, a neighbor of Stark.

A few more times after that Spymaster faced Iron Man and Dare Devil.

Once he succeeded in assassinating Tony Stark, but it was the Life Model Decoy that imitated him, not the real one. He also succeeded in stealing various Iron Man designs and provided them to Stark’s rival, Justin Hammer.

Stark believed that Spymaster had found his identity, but Spymaster kept his secret.

-Disguising Death

Spymaster tried to assassinate Iron Man’s enemy Ghost in Los Angeles under the orders of Roxxon Oil Corporation. When Iron Man arrived, the two villains were trying to flee, and Ghost gave Spymaster his equipment to allow him to pass through the wall.

As soon as Spymaster’s chest passed through the wall, Ghost reversed the device and instantly killed him. However, Spymaster was actually hiding alive, pretending to be dead at the moment.

-Ironman Armor

A few years later, when Norman Osborn found him, Spymaster resumed his activities again.

He has been running the Super Villain Club and when the Avengers were fighting in space, he gathered some super villains such as Blizzard and Whirlwind to brake into the Stark Tower and stole Iron Man technics.

Spymaster let his colleagues teleport a part of Iron Man Armor to show it to the buyers, but his colleagues were detected by heroes.

After they succeeded in defeating the heroes, they brought the armors back to the ship where the buyers were. But Spymaster and buyer attacked them.

The buyer’s identity was Captain Atlas of the planet Kree.

They fought back and joined Iron Man, who had tracked the armor. Blizzard discovered his new ability as a human battery and used it to Spymaster in a Hulk buster armor.

Overloaded Spymaster flew into space and exploded.

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