Taskmaster – Marvel

Taskmaster Marvel
Division: Marvel Character
Real Name: Tony Masters
Also Known As: Captain America, Contingency T
Tendency: Villain
Affiliation: Hydra, S.H.I.E.L.D., Secret Avengers, Initiative, Shadow Initiative, Caval, A.I.M, Secret Empire, Ultimatum, Sons of the Serpents, Agency X, Thunderbolts
Super Power: possessing “photographic reflexes” which memorizes everything he watched once like the photographis and transmits it directly to the memory of the muscle. It even imitates the voice of other person copying the movement of vocal cord.
Ability: Many modern historical martial arts, Boxing, Wrestling, Swordsmanship, Archery, Shooting, Gymnastics, Aerial combat techniques, And any other fighting styles can be learned during a fight and predicted for the next move.
Weapons, Equipment: Skull mask, Armor, Shield, Swords, Guns, Hologram devices
Limitation: Fear of drowning
First Appearance: Avengers # 195 (May 1980)
Occupation: Trainer, Mercenary, Assassin
Hometown: (probably) Bronx, New York City
Family: Jeanne Foucault (Finesse, alleged daughter)
In Film: None
Category: Marvel Villain

About Taskmaster

-Memory Problem

Tony Masters (Taskmaster) had a very good physical condition with excellent natural motor skills.

While he worked as an agent for the intelligence agency S.H.I.E.L.D., he acquired “photographic reflexes”. It was the ability to see others’ movements and follow them exactly. The problem was that it removes his personal memories as he remembers the movements of others.

As a result, Tony has forgotten all the memories of his wife and partner Mercedes Master and histories in the S.H.I.E.L.D.

Mercedes helped Tony get a new identity called Taskmaster.

In the way of playing the role of ‘Org’ who connects the mercenary and the assassination works to him who keeps forgetting the memory, and performs information collection and related work, she has still been connected with his husband. Because of it, Taskmaster also has become a double spy in a super villain society without noticing.

-Instructor of The Criminal

Later, Taskmaster established a crime academy and trained many as criminals like terrorist.

He also used the resources of the academy to create his own clone.

He had a very rare blood type, so he asked for organ donation, and the clone who knew this contacted the Avengers, fearing for his fate.

Taskmaster caught Yellowjacket, Wasp, and Ant Man who broke into the academy. This was the first time Taskmask was known to superheroes. He fought against the Avengers’ new robot member Jocasta but ran away, since there was no physical movement to follow and predict to Jocasta.

-A Brilliant Career

He set up a new academy in Manhattan, where he fought against Spider Man and Ant Man, and since then he repeatedly collided with them.

He disguised the academy as inconspicuous circus and was successful in other outfits for several months. But in a small city in Ohio, Thing and Justice, the members of the Fantastic Four who were helping government agents, revealed his identity and he was caught by those from the intelligence service.

It was because the Red Skull was behind them that ordinary people were able to arrest him.

Douglas Rockwell, chairman of the Presidential Action Committee, has asked Mr. Smith (in fact, Red Skull) to let Taskmaster train the new Captain America, John Walker.

After finishing Walker’s training, Red Skull poached Taskmaster and had him train himself and his men.

He grew up several excellent disciples such as Crossbones, Cutthroat, Hauptmann Deutschland, Diamondback, Spymaster, Agent X, and Spider Woman.

Taskmaster used to send disappointing disciples to Red Skull as a “sparring partner.” When some of them did not stop complaining, he even killed them all. He also hired other super villains, like hiring Anaconda as a beauty gymnastic instructor.

-Mercenary Activity

Taskmaster was hired by the religious group Triune Understanding.

Disguised as Captain America, he contacted Warbird, Ant Man, Silverclaw, and Captain Marvel to help destroy the Triune Building. But They recognized that he was a fake and repelled.

To make up for the financial loss, Taskmaster began to spend more time on mercenary activities. He occasionally participated in missions of Agency X at his lover Sandi Brandenberg’s request.

He was commissioned to assassinate Moon Knight, and heard the information that Moon Knight, who was wounded at the time was left alone as all his friends left, wants to die alone.

But during the fight, as Moon Knight’s ex-girlfriend and butler returned to protect him, Moon Knight recovered a will to fight. Moon Knight broke Taskmaster’s mask but left without killing him.

-Superhuman Registration Act

Once the Superhuman Registration Act was passed making all superheroes to register with the government, Taskmaster was assigned to the Thunderbolts corps to be hired by the government with a temporary amnesty, and to defeat Captain America’s Resistance.

He sniped to kill Invisible Woman, but Mr. Fantastic took the shot instead. Angered Invisible Woman attacked and made him lose consciousness.

He was imprisoned with Lady Deathstrike, but was released by Deadpool. Deadpool fought against Taskmaster to regain his reputation as a mercenary, and won.

Taskmaster was put in to a test of the security of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s aviation fortress Helicarrier.

He broke into the Helicarrier and reached in front of deputy director Maria Hill. After completing his mission, he left a message in the bathroom of Maria Hill that it is easy to penetrate S.H.I.E.L.D. if he wants to.


He became a trainer for the Camp Hammond, a superhuman training facility based on the Initiative policy to train amateur superheroes. He trained registered heroes and taught MVP (he died during training) clones the movement of MVP, and the actions of Spider Man to Scarlet Spiders. And he also helped Deadpool defeat the Thunderbolts.

After the work was done, Deadpool paid him, and Taskmaster appealed for the difficulty of using the cash dispenser due to his status as a major criminal.

Taskmaster led the Shadow Initiative, which performed secret missions after the war with the transforming alien race, Skrull.

Norman Osborn, who made a contribution in the War with the Skrulls, changed the Camp Hammond into the Camp Hammer and tasked Taskmaster with training criminals to behave like heroes and nurture them as government agents.

When the alien Blastaar took control of the Jail of the Negative Zone, Taskmaster sent the Shadow Initiative, and later shot on the head of Night Thrasher. But he did not die.


Norman Osborn assembled a group called Cabal by gathering representatives of super villains in each field to conquer the world. When Emma Frost, who represents the mutants, and Namor, the representative of Atlantis, left Cabal, Osborn suggested a position for Taskmaster.

Accepting the proposal, he attended the Cabal meeting and was seriously injured by the attack of Doctor Doom, who trivialized him. In the ward he refused to join Cabal and threatened to be killed by Osborn, so he had no choice but to reluctantly join it.

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