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Valkyrie Marvel
Division: Marvel Character
Real Name: Brunnhilde
Also Known As: Samantha Parrington, Barbara Denton Norris, Sian Bowen
Tendency: Hero
Affiliations: Asgard, Valkyrie, the Secret Avengers, the Defenders
Super Power: Valkyrie is the strongest of all Valkyrior warriors.
Slow aging, Strength, Endurance, Stamina, And can move through domain of death.
Detection of the glow called “deathglow” that appears around the body of a person who is approaching death
Ability: Swordplay, Barehand Fight, Horseback Riding
Weapons, Equipment: Sword, Axe, Spear, Shield, etc.
First appearance: Avengers vol. 1 # 83 (December, 1970)
Occupation: Adventurer, Goddess of Asgard
In Film: None
Category: Avengers

About Valkyrie


Princess Brunnhilde(Valkyrie) led the the Valkyriors, the combat goddesses whom were chosen by Odin, the king of the gods of Asgard.

The Valkyriors appear over the battlefield of the worshipers of the Asgard gods, and take war deads to Valhalla, the land of the honored dead. Brunnhilde has been doing this for centuries.

Odin gave his son Thor the identity of a human warrior, Sigmund.

At one point, Odin was in a situation where he had to kill Sigmund, but in fact he wanted to let him live. Brunnhilde noticed Odin’s mind and protected Sigmund’s lover Sieglinde, who was pregnant with Sigmund’s child.

Odin, as a punishment for this action, removed Brunnhilde’s power as well as immortal life and made her fall into a state of suspended animation.

Time went by, another incarnation of Thor, Sigmund and Sieglinde’s son, Siegfried, awakened Brunnhilde. Brunnhilde and Siegfried became lovers, but later enchanted Siegfried betrayed Brunnhilde.

Siegfried was later murdered, and Brunnhilde, who still loved him, jumped into his burning body. Odin revived the lives of these two, giving them power and status, but removed the memories of life on Earth.

Odin, who cooperated with the other gods of the earth and fought against the alien gods Celestials, was defeated, thus had to stop all interchange.

Since that time, the Valkyrior was able to choose only the Asgard warriors and the deceased heroes. Brunnhilde was bitter about the constrained choice of warriors of the earth, and wandered to Asgard in search of meaningful things.

-Amora’s Captive

One day, Brunnhilde met enchantress Amora, who were enchanting in a fringe bar. She had been following Amoa for weeks, but soon knew Amora had no moral ideas and wanted to end the partnership. Amora locked Brunnhilde in the crystal of souls.

While Brunnhilde’s body was in coma, her soul became a toy of Amora.

For centuries, Amora used the power of Valkyrie with the essence of Brunnhilde. Amora also changed her face to Brunnhilde’s by magic. The Lady Liberators, formed by female heroes, later found their fellow Valkyrie was in fact Amora.

-Barbara Norriss

A few months later, Amora conferred the power of Valkyrie on a woman named Samantha Parrington in order to get revenge on the Hulk.

The Defenders’ colleague Jack Norriss’ wife Barbara Norriss got Valkyrie’s power and consciousness from Amora to help the Defenders, which helped the Defenders escape from Casiolena’s grip.

Amora did not take back enchants from Barbara after Casiolena was defeated.

As a result, Barbara’s body became possessed by Brunhilde’s consciousness, form, and power, and conversely, Barbara’s spirit was confined to Brunhilde’s body in Asgard. But because of the partial memory loss induced by Amora, Brunhilde did not know about her real body. Indeed, Brunnilde in this state had much less willpower than before.

Eventually Brunhilde and Barbara turned their minds to each other, and finally confronted and fought.

In the end, Barbara’s spirit which was trapped in Brunnilde’s body, was led into Niffleheim where souls who had died without heroism go. And Brunhilde’s spirit was released and returned to Earth with the Defenders.

Thanks to the magic of Dr. Strange, Brunhilde regained her real body that Amora had saved from Niffleheim. With all the memory and power back, she drove Amora out of the crystal of souls.

-The Defenders

Having spent a long time away from Asgard, she chose to stay on Earth with the Defenders. Odin has entrusted Brunnhilde with a dangerously powerful Moondragon.

Brunnhilde taught her humility, and they both worked together in the Defenders.

When Moondragon became a threat, Brunnhilde immediately opposed it, but Moondragon changed her mind.

Later, Moondragon, who was influenced by the Dragon of the Moon, became a threat again. Brunnhilde, temporarily acquiring special powers from Odin, summoned other Valkyries, and defeated Moondragon with Angel and Cloud, but could not arrest her.

When more powerful Moondragon returns and attacked the Defenders, Brunnhilde and Interloper have decided to launch their immortal life force. The Defenders’ member Andromeda and past enemy Manslaughter joined the plan.

When the four of them put their hands together and threw their vitalities together, the four of them, Moondragon, and the gargoyles under the control of the Dragon of the Moon all went to ashes.

Dr. Strange revived Brunnhilde’s life through the body of a woman named Sian Bowen.

Interloper, Andromeda, and Manslaughter also revived and fought the Dragon of the Moon.

After the dragon was defeated, Brunnhilde returned to Asgard and gave Samantha Parrington a new Valkyrie status. Brunnhilde was killed by Durok the Demolisher when Loki destroyed Asgard.

-The Secret Avengers

After Asgard was moved to Earth, Brunnhilde resurrected with other Asgard figures and became a member of the Secret Avengers formed by Steve Rogers.

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