Vixen – DC

Vixen DC
Division: DC Character
World: New Earth
Real Name: Mari Jiwe McCabe
Also Known As: Mari McCabe
Tendency: Hero
Affiliations: Justice League of America, Birds of Prey, Suicide Squad, Checkmate, Ultramarines
Super Power: None
Ability: Bare hand combat, Business skills
Weapon, Equipment: Tantu Totem (A fox-shaped amulet which can follow any animal’s ability. Using the energy around it, it create a shield or create energy nails. Other superhuman abilities can also be followed)
First Appearance: Canceled Comics Cavalcade # 2 (Fall 1978)
Occupation: Fashion model, Apparel businessman, Adventurer
Hometown: Zambesi
Family: Tantu (ancestor), Mustapha Maksai (uncle)
In Film: None
Category: Justice League

About Vixen

-Tantu Totem

The ancient African warrior Tantu contracted Anansi the Spider clan to receive a totem that gives the ability to represent animal attributes.

In fact, Anansi was the representative of a favorable alien race for humans. These aliens regularly visit Earth to give humans the ability of animals.

Tantu showed a great deal using totem and became the first legendary hero of Africa. The totem became legendary as it was passed from generation to generation.

-Birth of Vixen

Mari, who grew up in Zambesi, a small African country, has been told from her parents about this legend. Her father Richard Jiwe, the shaman of the village, owned the Tantu Totem.

Richard was murdered by his half-brother General Mustapha Maksai after he declined his request to hand him the Tantu Totem. Since Mari’s mother had been killed by poachers many years ago, Mari, who became alone, fled to the United States.

She changed her identity to Mari McCabe, became a popular model in New York and began traveling the world. During the trip, she stumbled onto her uncle and was able to steal the Tantu Totem.

Mari became the first black female superhero of the DC Universe, Vixen. However, she only acted twice, once with poachers in India, and once again with the Admiral Cerebrus.

-the Justice League of America

Originally Mari did not like superhero activity. However, Aquaman proposed recruitment to her while reuniting the Justice League of America, and Mari accepted it.

While being in the Justice League, Maksai took the totem and used its power. However, because the totem only protects pureness, Maksai turned into an angry beast and died in the fight with Mari.

After the League was disbanded, she volunteered in Ethiopia with various world aid organizations and returned to the United States to resume modeling.

-the Suicide Squad

However, One of Mari’s colleagues was killed by drug traffickers during a photo shoot in the Caribbean.

Marie, who appealed to the government, secretly went to capture the drug boss Cujo with the support of the secret operation team, Suicide Squad. With Captain Boomerang and Black Orchid, she destroyed the organization, but she lost her temper and killed Cujo.

She agreed to be with the Suicide Squad until her animal instincts could be controlled.

For a time, Mari, who was active in the Suicide Squad, was assigned to the Squad’s brother team, Checkmate.

After her relationship with Bronze Tiger ended, she refused to come back to the Squad. Later, since she felt it was an opportunity to help the tortured Bronze Tiger, Mari rejoined the team, but felt he did not need her help and gave up the future with him.

-the Birds of Prey

She also signed a contract with Oracle’s Birds of Prey.

It was a secret even to the team’s key agent Black Canary.

Vixen, who was brainwashed during her mission and almost killed her fellow Huntress, eventually regained her will and rescued other brainwashed heroes.

After the team dismantled, she successfully launched her own clothing brand while working as a model.

-Various activities

Marie time to time seemed to have trouble controlling the animal aspects while using the totem, and it appeared again when she was helping out Flash fighting Gorilla Grodd.

While she was in the fashion world, she kept performing tasks of the Justice League Task Force.

she helped Wonder Woman fight Circe and helped her old Justice League colleagues protecting Lex Luthor. And joined a temporary group Ultramarines until they went to another space.

Vixen was reunited with the Justice League after the murder of Sue Dibny, the co-worker in the Justice League and Elongated Man’s wife.

She was with the original Firestorm when he was at the death by Shadow Thief and defeated the evil Seven Deadly Sins with Shadowpact, an occult hero team.

-Stolen Totem

The zombie Solomon Grundy who Resurrected earning high Intelligence, used Vixen’s Totem to combine his constantly resurrecting soul with the body of Android Amazo.

When the totem was taken away, Mari found that her nature connected to animals lives was collapsing. She banned the use of the totem, but her spirit disappeared in the crowd of moving birds.

After mimicking the ability of a young boy, Vixen flew to New York to regain her spirit and retrieve the totem. Mari jumped into the battle between Amazo and the Justice League.

After overtaking the villain, she became a member of the new Justice League.

-Change in ability

Vixen’s ability no longer represented the character of animals, rather changed to take away the ability of surrounding characters. Superman first noticed this, and Mari told Red Arrow about this. She discussed the situation with Bronze Tiger and told the members of the league. The president, Black Canary, decided to release Vixen from the team. But on the other hand, she discussed ways to correct the state of the totem with Mari.

While Zatanna was trying to figure out the cause, she noticed it has something to do with Animal Man, but unknown force interfered her.


While Vixen was trying to defeat newly restored Amazo, she suddenly was weakened and lost consciousness.

Vixen visited the Animal Man. Animal Man and Vixen, the both whose abilities were changed in a similar way, were sucked into the Tantu Totem.

Anansi, the magical god of African, was waiting there.

To be the King himself, in addition to changing the history and abilities of Vixen and Animal Man, Anansi has also changed the histories of the Justice League members so that they could never form the league.

Mari escaped and searched for the new league members to stand up against Anansi together.

She had gathered all of them, but when she realized that they had nothing to do with Anansi, Vixen pointed the gun to the totem. When the totem was destroyed, not only would all of them be destroyed, but Anansi would also return to normal. At that time, Anansi said all of these were a test.

He said that because the dimension of reality has changed, he needed his agent to confront this situation. He returned Mari’s abilities and returned them, saying that one day he would need her again.

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