Wasp – Marvel

Wasp Marvel
Division: Marvel Character
Real Name: Janet Van Dyne
Also Known As: Jan, Janet Pym, Giant Woman, Winsome Wasp, Doctor Spectrum, Pixie
Tendency: Hero
Affiliations: Avengers Unity Division, Avengers, West Coast Avengers, Mighty Avengers
Super Power: Reduces to the size of an insect.
Can fly using antenna and wings, Can communicate with insects and control them, Fires energy blast with bio electric energy,
Weapons, Equipment: (in the past) Needle guns, Electric guns, Enormous growth solution
First Appearance: Tales to Astonish # 44 (June 1963)
Occupation: Adventurer, Fashion designer, Amateur critic
Family: Hank Pim (Giant Man, former husband)
In Film: Ant Man (2015)
Category: The Avengers

About Wasp

-Birth of Wasp

Janet (Wasp) is the daughter of world-renowned scientist Vernon Van Dyne.

Janet and Vernon visited biochemist Dr. Hank Pym. Vernon was looking for intelligent life on another planet using gamma radiation at that time, and asked Pym for cooperation.

Pym refused because Vernon’s project was too far out of the scope of his expertise. In this meeting Janet realized that she is attracted to Pym, and Vernon continued his project alone.

When Vernon succeeded in contacting the planet where extraterrestrial Kosmos people inhabit, a criminal of the world, Pilai, escaped to Earth using the rays of Vernon. Arriving at Vernon’s laboratory, he murdered Vernon to remove witnesses. When Janet found her father’s body, she was so flustered and called Pym. Superhero Ant Man Pym began to investigate Vernon’s death.

Pym, who longed for her partner, informed her of his secret and asked if she would become a partner. After receiving the approval, Pym injected the cells into Janet’s skin. The use of gas, including “Pym Particles” caused her to shrink to the size of an insect.

Janet learned how to fly, having the name Wasp. Then she got the Kosmosian with Ant Man.

-Birth of The Avengers

Janet confessed to Pym that she loves him before she catch the alien. Although Pym was more introverted and shy than Janet, he loved her more.

The two fought alongside Iron Man in the plan of Thor’s enemy Loki using the Hulk. After solving the case, Pym proposed to create a team of adventurers, all agreed. Janet has proposed a team name of Avengers.

But after a series of adventures, Pym thought that changing the size of the body could be fatal to health. And thought Janet’s activity was too dangerous for her. So Pym and Janet decided to retire from the role of a criminal fighter.

But soon Janet, as Wasp, was caught by Attuma, the savage barbarian leader in the sea, and then by Collector. Pym helped the Avengers save Janet. After then the couple regularly reunited with the Avengers.

Janet helped reunite the team with new members when only Pym and Hawkeye remained in the Avengers.

-Marriage and New Career

Shortly after, 23-year-old Janet became wealthy by inheriting all heritage, according to her father’s will. For years Pym and Janet were in love, but Pym could not tell her to marry.

One day, while working at his institute, Pym had a fundamental personality change due to an accident during the experiment. He has made a new identity named Yellowjacket, kidnapped Janet, claiming he had killed Pym.

When it turned out that Yellowjacket was actually Pym, Janet accepted the proposal in fear of his mental state. Pym and Janet married at the Avengers’ mansion.

However, the Circus of Crime attacked the Avengers mansion. When Janet was in danger of death, Pym was shocked and returned to his normal personality.

The two went on a honeymoon. Janet, who followed Pym in the Alaska survey expedition, continued to help the Avengers when there was opportunity. However, after helping the Avengers to fight against the Kree Empire of the outside world, she decided to quit the Avengers as Pym wanted.

Eventually, she persuaded Pym to let her reunite with the members, but reluctantly remained a reserve member. Later, Pym modified Janet’s ability to make her smaller.

Janet became a successful fashion designer while working as Wasp.

-Mental Illness of Hank Pym

She knew Pym’s mental health was in jeopardy and began to consult with a psychiatrist. When Pym was suffering from mental weakness, Janet had to stop Pym’s artificial intelligence Ultron and Pym on its side.

Crazy Pym kidnapped her, and together with Ultron, he made the robot Jocasta with artificial consciousness based on Janet’s spirit.

After Ultron eventually defeated, Janet left the Avengers to treat Pym. Pym could not regain his mental health, and spoke abusive language frequently to. They experienced a period of conflict and stagnation.

Pym acted recklessly and criticized Captain America. The Avengers court was called to investigate him. However, Pym made a robot to attack the Avengers.

Pym has created a secret weakness for the robot in the hope of becoming the president of the Avengers when he stops the robot. Janet knew this and argued. Pym, however, attacked her brutally. Eventually Pym’s plan failed, and Janet took the robot. As a result Pym was expelled from the Avengers, and divorced Janet.

-Reconciliation and Conflict

Janet remained in the Avengers and became a president. And led the team surprisingly effectively. She worked for a long term and successfully restructured the team after losing the privilege of the government. And also reconcile with Pym.

Janet got injured and left the team to recover, but joined when needed. When the West Coast Avengers’ Iron Man quit the team, Janet joined the team to raise team’s morale. There she was reunited with Pym, and her affection began to sprout again.

However, after she got a fatal wound between the Avengers and Iron Man who was under the influence of villain Immortus, Pym had to make her into a hybrid of insect and human to save her. Janet blamed Pym for this, and after discovering Pym’s secret monitoring device, the relationship between the two was again distanced.

Janet, along with the Avengers and other heroes, was dragged into another dimension, while confronting Onslaught, the combination of spirits of Professor Xavier and Magneto. When Janet came back she realized that her power had returned to normal. She and Pym have returned to their previous mature relationship. The two helped reorganize the Avengers and remained as a reserve member.

Ultron kidnapped Pym, Janet, and other “family members”. With the help of the Avengers, the two were released, and Janet again became the president. Later, Janet appointed Captain America as a co-president and established separate missions outside the activity list.

By this time, time traveler Kang was up to conquer the planet. Janet and the Avengers saved the president of the U.S., but they could not stop the citizens of Washington DC from being slaughtered. Kang urged Janet, the president of the Avengers, to declare surrender on behalf of the Avengers and Earth. Janet was rescued by members who had not been caught by Kang, and she was able to defeat Kang by leading the Avengers.

-Civil War

Janet, who was in the Avengers mansion, fell in a coma after being attacked by Scarlet Witch. Pym nursed her at the hospital and they reconciled when she woke up. The two decided to pursue a new life in Oxford and retired from the Avengers.

She was in the favor side of the Superhuman Registration Act when the Civil War broke between superhumans. In accordance with the Initiative Policy of placing one hero team per a state, Janet was appointed to the Mighty Avengers in New York City.

When the extraterrestrial Symbiotes attacked New York City, she used the Gigantic Solution made by Pym whom they agreed to stay as friends. The battle began and she was briefly turned into a Symbiote monster, but was treated by Iron Man. However, by this time, Pym had been replaced by the transformed alien Skrull, and the Growth Solution he gave to Janet was part of a grand scheme.

-Invasion of the Skrull

The Mighty Avengers fought the heroes from Skrull battleship (in fact, the Skrulls that turned into heroes). And they also participated in the battle with the Skrulls in New York.

When Veranke, the empress of the Skrull died in the hands of Norman Osborn, the Skrull Pym pressed a button that turns Janet into a giant. She then realized that the solution Pym gave her made herself a living bomb. The enormous Janet was emitting energy as if she is going to explode anytime. She tried to escape the battlefield with the Skulls, but Thor promised her revenge and killed her to defend people.

-Return of Wasp

After a few months there had been a battle between the Avengers and the X-Men, and after the battle, it was found that Janet was alive. As Thor slammed her with lightning, she was sent to the microverse, a small dimension, and Janet used the Avengers’ ID card to announce beacon her location.

Those who did not know which Avengers members was sending signals helped Pym into the microverse. They found Wasp fighting with Lord Gouzar, the tyrant of microverse, and returned with her. Lord Gouzar followed to our world along with Wasp, but fell down without being able to withstand the assault of the assembled Avengers.

Wasp became a member of the Avengers Unity Division.

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