Wildcat – DC

Wildcat DC
Division: DC Character
World: New Earth
Real Name: Theodore “Ted” Grant
Tendency: Hero
Affiliation: Justice Society of America, All-Star Squadron
Super Power: Resurrection, Enhanced Vision, Stopped Aging
Abilities: Martial arts, Boxing, Capoeira, Aikido, Muay Thai, Krav Maga
Weapon, Equipment: Motorcycle, Cat Cycle
First Appearance: Sensation Comics Vol. 1 # 1 (January 1942)
Occupation: Adventurer, Gym Manager, Heavyweight Boxing Champion
Family: Thomas Bronson (Wildcat, son), Yolanda Montez (Wildcat, goddaughter)
In Film: None
Category: DC Hero

About Wildcat

-Boxer Wildcat

Dr. Henry Grant was a successful doctor, but he was weak. When his son Ted (Wildcat) was born, he swore to make him physically healthy. Ted, who has been trained since childhood, went to college with a great interest in sports, but soon his father became penniless.

Since then Ted had been doing a baggage loading job at the warehouse to escape hunger. One day he witnessed several people beating a big man. Ted, who predicted his opponents’ movements, has knocked out all the attackers with the big man, and this big man was world heavyweight boxing champion Mike “Socker Smith” Muldoon.

Muldoon was impressed at Ted’s movement and gave him a job as a sparring partner. Skinner, manager of Muldoon, granted Ted’s potential. Muldoon decided to raise Ted as the next heavyweight world champion, and Ted got the nickname “Wildcat”.

-Match fixing

The masses wanted to see who was the best of both Muldoon and Ted. As expectations for the match grew, Moretti, the boss of the criminal organization, directed Muldoon to fix the game. When Muldoon refused, Moretti brought in Skinner. Skinner put a poison stinger inside Ted ‘s glove and made him hit in the fight. When Muldoon was poisoned and fell to death, Ted was arrested immediately.

During the transfer to another cell, Ted crashed the police car and escaped. Ted decided to find Skinner and make him confess. Then, he heard about the hero called Green Lantern from kids on the street. Ted, after wearing a black suit and a cat head mask, chased after Skinner and Moretti. Ted, who made them confess by beating them, restored the honor and legitimately won the heavyweight champion.

-Superhero Wildcat

A few weeks after working as Wildcat, Ted met Hiram “Stretch” Skinner and got some help from him. Hiram played a role like an assistant, but Ted never revealed his identity to him.

Ted also met with Flash (Jay Garrick) and Green Lantern (Alan Scott) to defeat Polio together. Later when Ted became a member of the All-Star Squadron, a team of adventurers, he met them again.

Prior to 1945, Ted joined the Justice Society of America and almost retired in 1949. Because Jake, the child born between him and her girlfriend Irina, was kidnapped by one of the Wildcat’s enemies, the villain Golden Wasp. Jake was not seen again, and Ted has been looking for him for years.

-Leader Wildcat

Though it was not a romantic relationship, he greatly fell for his fellow Hippolyta, and the heroine called Tigress, became a thief and became the criminal named Huntress. She made a private zoo and caught Wildcat to used him as a quarry. Ted liked her a lot, but eventually sent her to prison in his own hands. When Hippolyta died, he was greatly agitated.

As a world heavyweight champion who retired with undefeated record, Ted opened a gym in Gotham City and began to raise boxing champions of the next generation. Black Canary took lessons from him. There were rumors that he even trained Bruce Wayne before he became Batman. He also taught boxing to Catwoman, and they both felt attracted to each other for a while but parted.


The reason Ted came back to Wildcats was because Huntress and Sportsmaster, fighted Starman and Black Canary. The Justice Society was re-formed and Ted has joined as a regular member.

The criminal Dr. Love used his mutant abilities to make Ted’s goddaughter Yolanda Montez new Wildcat. Yolanda was one of the government agents dispatched to attack the devil Eclipso, but died during the assault. The Montez family put responsibilities on Ted for Yolanda’s death, but later they have reconciled.

Ted was injured by Icicle when the Injustice Society, a team of Super Villains, took control of the Justice Society headquarters. Having stabbed by Thorn’s poison thorn, he got damage on the brain. Luckily He recovered safely and returned to the team after a short break.

Ted, who participated in the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths, was limped after he was hit by the lightning storm created by Red Tornado.

-Nine lives

After recovering from injury, Ted joined the re-formed Justice Society and fought against Extant who were trying to change history. They were aged quickly with the time-energy attack of Extant, and some died. But Ted survived.

The surviving members entered the Limbo to stop threats that Hitler had planned decades ago. For a while they were considered dead, but they finally escaped from it and were treated as superheroes. Ted aquired “Nine Lives”.

In the 5th Dimension War, he died helping the Justice League of America. Surprisingly, Ted was resurrected and it turned out that it was because he rufused King Inferno’s suggestion to fight for some of his opponents’ souls in 1945.

With the cooperation of Zatara, the curse of King Inferno on him was led to a real cat, making King Inferno unable to revenge, but nine lives of the cat were left on him. This is why he could live as a powerful boxer even after he is over 70 years old.

When Ted died from the original flash Jay Garrick, he used his last remaining life. This was a deliberate attempt to escape from the control of the Spear of Destiny, which could control the mind of a superhuman. And he saved the world by not letting him use the Spear to conquer the planet. The wizard, Mordru, revealed that not only did Ted have 9 lives remaining, but always have 9 lives left. That means when he uses all nine, It is filled with nine again.


Ted, Jay Garrick, and Alan Scott reunited the Justice Society, with old members and successors. Jay and Allan informed Ted that he has a son, Thomas Bronson. Ted was terrified for a while, but soon he remembered Marilyn Bronson, who used to date with him for a while. He found his son and brought him to the team. The villain Vandal Savage, who has lived forever, attacked the Justice Society to break the lineage of the old heroes. In this fight Thomas showed that he could turn into a cat human. After knocking out Vandal Savage with a fire truck, Ted had Thomas join the team as a member and taught his new members how to fight.

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